Disinfection cabinets are often seen in daily life. So, do you understand the embedded disinfection cabinet? What is the price of the embedded disinfection cabinet ? The following is a brief introduction of several embedded disinfection for everyone. Cabinet price, for your reference.


Introduction to embedded disinfection cabinet

The embedded sterilizer is a sterilizer embedded in the cabinet. By means of ultraviolet rays, far infrared rays, high temperature, ozone, etc., the articles are sterilized, sterilized and dehumidified. The shape is generally box-like, and most of the cabinet is made of stainless steel. Under normal circumstances, the top of the embedded disinfection cabinet is a stove, the cooker itself has a vent, which can play a role.

Embedded disinfection cabinet size

Since the embedded sterilizer needs to be integrated with the whole cabinet, in order to make the kitchen more holistic, it is necessary to consider its size selection problem. Such as the most widely used double-door embedded disinfection cabinet, generally about 600mm long, about 420-450mm wide, about 650mm high. There will also be a slight difference in the size of each sterilizer, but there will also be a corresponding opening size with no fixed standard. The general size of the embedded sterilizer is 600*600*450mm.

Embedded disinfection cabinet price

Embedded disinfection cabinet disinfection method capacity power reference price

Midea MXV-ZLP90Q07 High Temperature + Ultraviolet + Ozone 90L800W ¥1650

Siemens HS223600W high temperature + ultraviolet + ozone 90L520W ¥ 2049

Fang Tai ZTD100J-12 Ozone + UV 100L290W ¥ 2999

Rongsheng ZQD90-RV1 high temperature + ultraviolet + ozone 90L415W ¥1006

The above is the price of the embedded disinfection cabinet that Xiaobian has compiled for everyone. I hope that I can help you and more relevant information. Please look forward to the follow-up report of Xiaojiaju.com.

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