The Chinese-style shelf is also known as Duobao or Baibao. The meaning of “Bogu” is “the ancient things and antiquities”. The ancient shelf belongs to the study room and a kind of antique furniture in the living room. It is very practical and decorative. Aesthetic. The shelf can be used for partitioning and storage. There are a lot of things to pay attention to when it is placed. Today, we will come to see the points of attention of the shelf.


One: Precautions for shelf placement

1. The shelf is placed in Feng Shui

This can be said to be a major concern of the public about the placement of the shelf. Many people are afraid that the placement of the shelf is not good, and the position is not good, which affects the luck of all parties. Therefore, this must be based on your own situation and pay attention to the feng shui problem.

After the Bogu frame entered the ordinary people's home, the system gradually began to "weight loss" due to the system, and the small ones were able to be placed on the table as a decoration. The general literati's Bogu frame in the elegant scholarship is exquisite and exquisite. The antiques placed are not necessarily expensive, and occasionally some elaborate small bonsais and lake stones of various shapes are placed.

2, pay attention to match the home style

The choice of the shelf must match the style of the home, such as the overall interior style, color and some furniture, etc. Otherwise, it will not form coordination and unity, resulting in a strong visual pain.

3, pay attention to children

The placement of the shelf must pay attention to the children. This is a very important issue. The children's words are generally naughty and active. If you want to see what the novelty is, you must pay attention to prevent the child from damaging the adult. It even caused damage to children.

4, pay attention to a certain space

It is very important to place a space in the shelf, such as vision, lighting, etc. It is important to pay attention to whether it will cause visual obstacles to this space, whether it will affect the ventilation and lighting, otherwise it will not be worth the candle.


Second, the style of the shelf

1, the shelf style

There are two common types of shelf styles:

One is a combination frame with cubes as the main unit; the other is a combination frame with a frame as the unit. The shelf is not absolutely placed, and can be fixed on the wall and the ground. It can also be made freely movable.

2, the role of the shelf

The main functions of the Bogu frame are as the indoor partition and the barrier. The shelf can be said to be the best indoor space partition to enhance the spatial layering. The second is the furnishings, which are decorated with various ornaments for embellishment. Space, beautification of the room, for the Chinese, many feel that placing a shelf is a symbol and symbol.

Third, how to maintain the cleaning of the shelf

1. First, try to avoid exposure to moisture or corrosive gases and liquids. In daily life, it should be avoided to avoid contact with water and corrosive objects. Otherwise, it will easily cause the surface of the shelf to rot, which will easily lead to the destruction of the shelf, and can not play the role of antiques and beautiful decoration. effect.

2. When there is dust on the surface of the shelf, use a donkey or a soft cloth to remove dust. If there is stain on the surface, use a wax to wipe it off instead of using clean water.

3. When using, pay attention to balance, avoid placing the shelf in a place with high temperature, strong vibration, humidity or direct sunlight, and keep the room ventilated. In a ventilated and suitable environment, the wardrobe can survive for a longer period of time, and the service is harder for the host.

The above is a related introduction to the Chinese-style blog shelf by Go Jiaju. Because the antiquities are heavier, the shelf is different from the items stored in other furniture, so the requirements for the solidity are very high, especially the middle horizontal plate is required to be strong. The whole can be strong and durable.

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