What kind of material is Eva, maybe everyone is very strange, let's take a look at the Xiaobian plastic network's Xiaobian today. Eva material is a common name we define. The English name is ethylene-vinylacetatecopolymer. Its chemical name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. It is an extremely common material. It is a kind of midsole material which is more common in daily life. The finished product is soft, shockproof, non-slip, and resistant to stress, such as our common EVA slippers, cotton shoes, EVA mobile phone case, EVA catheter and so on.
What are the uses of Eva materials?
Use one: eva material can be used for packaging film, gasket, medical equipment, and can also be used as hot melt adhesive, cable insulation layer.
Use 2: eva materials can be used in household refrigerators, gas pipes, civil construction boards, containers and other household items and daily necessities.
Use 3: eva materials are widely used in book wireless binding, digital product shell structural parts, furniture edge banding, assembly of automobiles and household appliances, shoemaking, carpet coating and metal anti-corrosion coating.
Application areas of Eva materials
Field 1: Because EVA material has strong softness, chemical resistance and good elasticity, it is widely used in the sole and interior materials of various footwear.
Field 2: eva materials have inclusive and crosslinkability that other materials do not have, because of its performance, it is suitable for use in halogen-free flame-retardant cables, semiconductor shielded cables and two-step silane cross-linked cables. Used, it is also widely used in industrial and manufacturing supplies due to this property.
Introduction of raw materials for EVA recycled materials:
Because the world's resources are always a hot topic for human beings, the slogan of saving resources is slowly deepening into the hearts of the people, and the whole world is advocating energy conservation. Therefore, the awakening of recycled materials is inevitable, so that people can truly recycle through resources. It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The recycled plastic granules are mainly classified according to the different raw materials used and the characteristics of the processed plastic granules. They are generally classified into primary materials and secondary materials. The primary materials refer to the raw materials used. There are no floor scraps, or undercuts, some are spouts, glue heads, etc. The quality is also good, that is, it has not been used, in the process of processing new materials, the remaining small corners, or Raw materials that are not of good quality. The particles processed from the wool have good transparency and the quality can be compared with the new material, so it is a first-class material or a special material.
The secondary material means that the raw material has been used once, except for high-pressure granulation. In the high-pressure granulation, most of the imported large parts are used. If the imported large parts are industrial films, they are not exposed to the wind and the sun, so the quality is also very high. Well, the processed particles have good transparency, and should be judged according to the brightness of the particles and whether the surface is rough. The material refers to the raw materials that have been used twice or more, and the processed particles are not very good in terms of elasticity and toughness. There are many types of raw materials for recycled plastics. The concept of recycled materials is to make scraps, rubber heads and waste products when the products are made, that is, the heated materials are made into waste products, and then the recycled materials are formed by pulverization. And the reclaimed materials used many times, looking for buyers who can reproduce the products because of the low price of recycled materials, the products of recycled materials are generally not demanding. Recycled materials that meet environmental requirements are also very popular among customers.
The main uses of EVA particulate materials:
1, foam shoes
Shoe material is the most important application field of EVA resin in China. Because EVA resin blended foamed products have softness, good elasticity and chemical resistance, they are widely used in the soles and interior materials of medium and high-grade sneakers, hiking shoes, slippers and sandals. Often used for cosplay props production or model making.
2, film EVA
The main purpose of the film is to produce a functional shed film. The shed film made of a certain amount of EVA resin not only has a high light transmittance, but also has a large improvement in anti-fog performance, and generally can be more than 4 months.
3, wire and cable
Since EVA resin has good filler inclusion and crosslinkability, it is used more in halogen-free flame-retardant cables, semiconductor shielded cables, and two-step silane cross-linked cables.
4, hot melt adhesive
The hot melt adhesive with EVA resin as the main component is widely used in book wireless binding, furniture edge banding, automobile and household appliances because it contains no solvent, does not pollute the environment and has high safety. It is very suitable for automated assembly line production. Assembly, shoemaking, carpet coating and metal anti-corrosion coating.

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