What is the operation flow of concrete spraying machine? What are the precautions for concrete spraying machine operation? Henan Hao Li sprayer manufacturers detailed description of the operation of concrete spraying machine and precautions.
1. Preparation of the concrete shotcreting machine before starting up 1. Check whether the joint fastening of the concrete spraying machine is correct and reliable.
2. Start the machine to check if the direction of rotation is correct (same direction as the arrow).
3, check the rubber seal and tight force applied on the first device to lock the nut on the device until tight, and then use the plate on the hand tight 2-3 laps until the rubber seal plate does not leak.
4, open the air valve, demolition of the feed pipe pressure is about 0.5Mpa when the rubber seal plate is not leaking air pressure, indicating that the degree of fastening is just right.
Second, the concrete spraying machine operation process 1, hand spray gun hand-held, toward the wall, the gun head to the injection site to maintain 0.8-1.2m, ready to jet preparation.
2, before the operation, first open the total valve, the upper wind valve open 1/3 lap, adjust the wind to the air about 0.6-1Mpa air pressure.
3. The sprayer opens the sprinkler water valve and flushes the surface of the prewet rock mass (spray site).
4. The shotcreting machine is started, and the loader adds concrete materials to the machine silo and incorporates an accelerating agent. When charging the material, the continuous and uniform feeding of the material is to be maintained, and the spraying operation is started.
5, when the injection must first make up after the first uniform injection, and then double spray to meet the design requirements.
6, spray hand sneeze when the nozzle should be as far as possible by the spray surface, with a half-circle circle of the screw fraud to move evenly, ring diameter of about 200-300mm, each shot width of 1.0-1.5 meters is appropriate.
7. When the sprayer sneezes, there must be an assistant to assist the lighting and contact signal from the side 5m away from the injection site.
8. When the injection is stopped, it is necessary to stop loading and stop the spraying machine first. When there is no material ejected from the remaining materials in the feeding pipe, the water valve may be closed and the total air valve may be closed.
III. Precautions for the operation of the concrete spraying machine 1. After the spraying machine stops, the gun should be inverted to prevent water from flowing into the feeding pipe.
2. After shutting down, the wind pipe and water pipe should be placed neatly, and the sprayer and its surroundings should be cleaned to handle the rebound.
3. If any phenomenon such as blockage or stoppage occurs during the spraying process, stop the machine immediately and turn the pipette tip upside down.
4. When handling a blocked pipe, stop the person in front of the muzzle to prevent sudden injection or pipe-jumping.
5. Each class should clean the rubber sealing plate and check the wear condition.
6, steel liner must be checked once a week, if there is a deep scratching, it should be re-grinding.
7, spraying machine operators must be trained, qualified certificate holder posts.

1. The guide rail is rectangular;
 2. It has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, good stability and low deflection.
 3. Use the fork to lock the column device to prevent the skateboard and the beam from falling, to prevent the accident from causing the beam to fall.
 4. It is widely used in the automatic welding processing of large-scale cylinder workpieces and structures. It is an automatic and efficient auxiliary machine that guarantees welding quality, improves production efficiency and improves working environment.

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