Application of drainage protection membrane in construc…

(De Gow International Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing 100044) Application of Underground Outdoor Wall Waterproofing Project, Repair of Underground Interior Walls, Seepage Control of Road Subgrade, etc. Two examples of engineering applications of “special sealed” products are list-----

New Home Hydropower Renovation Considerations Make Your…

In the renovation of new houses, hydropower reform is a big project. Hydroelectric reform can be said to be the most important, and it is also a project that can easily go wrong. The hydropower reform means that according to the decoration configuration, family population, living habits, and aesth-----

ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump installation methods and…

After the purchase of ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump, the first thing to do is to install it to be able to use, and in the maintenance of how to install. So how to install ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump? Xiaobian will introduce you ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump installation method and installation-----

3D printing high power micro wind turbines or will chan…

3D printing is changing our world, no doubt about it. With the ability to quickly implement objects of any shape, many of the world's whimsical people are trying to change the world with this potential technology, including of course the founder of American Wind, Robert Yo-----

ZBF-type plastic self-priming magnetic pump precautions

ZBF type plastic self-priming magnetic pump in use, if you do not pay attention, it may cause damage to the pump, so the use of ZBF-type plastic self-priming magnetic pump has the following precautions. ZBF-type plastic self-priming magnetic pump Note 1, due to plastic self-priming magnetic pump be-----

LG high-rise building feed pump features

The high-rise building water pump is a new generation of aquatic products developed according to the actual needs of high-rise building constant pressure water supply and fire protection industry, with high efficiency, stable performance, low noise, long service life, beautiful appearance , Small f-----

Shanghai spot copper price chart September 23

Shanghai spot copper price chart September 23    HR STONE has been in natural stone business since 1995.we mined Semi Precious Stone rough for recent years, mainly Blue Sodalite and Tiger Eye rough, specially blue sodlite:      Blue so-----