In the face of the adorned decorative products on the market, there is often no way to start, I do not know where to choose. With the interior wall decoration gradually becoming the highlight of home decoration, a variety of indoor wall decoration materials are also emerging, so what materials are used to decorate the wall? The following Huadian breeze will simply introduce you.


What kind of material is used to decorate the wall: wall sticker

Wall stickers are made of PVC environmentally friendly materials. They are waterproof and moisture-proof. Unlike traditional hand-painted walls, wall stickers do not need to be painted by themselves. The patterns are diverse and have been designed. Just open the protective film and paste it directly. . You can customize different colors and sizes according to your home style. There are special wall stickers in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, corner, living room, etc. These wall stickers can also be "guest" to each other, and the wall stickers will not fall off within five years.

What materials are used to decorate the wall: facing stone

Stone is mainly used as wall decoration materials: natural and artificial. Natural decorative stone is used for interior wall decoration; marble is mainly made of artificial marble, prefabricated terrazzo, etc. The wall decorated with stone looks elegant and magnificent. The use of stone as a veneer was popular in the mid-1990s, but it is generally not used for home decoration, mainly because of the radioactivity exceeding the standard and the environmental protection is not up to standard.

What materials are used to decorate the wall: brushing materials

The brush material used as the decorative material in the wall mainly includes lime slurry, large white pulp, color paste, and silver paste. These materials are less expensive than paints, but they are not well decorated and are not durable.

What kind of material is used to decorate the wall: wall cloth

Commonly used are non-woven wall coverings and fiberglass wall coverings. Wall tiles: In home decoration, ceramic products are often used to decorate the walls, floor, and cabinets. Ceramic products have low water absorption, anti-corrosion and anti-aging ability.

What kind of material is used to decorate the wall: glazed tiles

Common glazed tiles are available in white, color, printed colors, color puzzles and colored murals. The surface of the glazed tile is smooth, beautiful in color, easy to clean and waterproof. It is used in the kitchen and bathroom as a wall and floor tile. It can also be used as a floor tile in the living room and dining room.

What kind of material is used to decorate the wall: diatom mud

Let the wall breathe: diatom mud not only has a natural and simple texture, but also has the function of regulating humidity and purifying the air. The diatom mud wall material of Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing is deeply favored by consumers. According to the technicians, the new generation of environmentally friendly wall material diatom mud is made of diatomaceous earth. It is composed of pure natural materials and does not contain any harmful substances. Its biggest feature is that it can absorb and decompose in the air. Harmful gas, the role of purifying the air.

What kind of material is used to decorate the wall: veneer

The interior wall decoration material has various wall panels, wooden wall skirts or cover panels. The materials used are plywood, plastic plates, aluminum alloy plates, stainless steel plates and plated plates, galvanized plates, enamel plates, and the like. Plywood is the main type of interior wall veneer. According to its number of layers, it can be divided into three-ply, five-ply, etc. According to its tree species, it can be divided into ash, eucalyptus, nanmu, teak and so on. Interior wall veneers are now becoming more popular.

What materials are used to decorate the wall: interior wall decoration materials

The traditional method is to brush lime water or wall powder, but it is easy to be contaminated, can not be scrubbed with wet method, and is mostly used in general buildings. The higher-grade buildings use flat-light blending paints, which are rich in color and not easy to be polluted. However, the organic solvent incorporated has a large amount of volatilization, pollutes the atmosphere and affects the health of construction workers. With the development of science, organic synthetic resin raw materials are widely used in paints. It has become a kind of important interior and exterior wall decoration material because it makes a fundamental change in the appearance of paint products. Paper walls have a long history of interior walls and ceilings, but have been replaced by plastic wallpapers and fiberglass wall coverings.

I will introduce it to you about what kind of materials are used to decorate the wall. For more information, you can follow GO.

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