Marble refurbishment is to pave the marble floor, walls (or external walls), tabletops, columns and other marble slabs without seams processing and produce pollution, weathering, holes, no light, etc., need to rely on pharmacy, stone renovation care machinery , Tools, etc. are cleaned, polished, and polished to restore the same luminosity as before the initial installation and to make the marble board more ornamental. Next Xiaobian introduced marble renovation process and marble maintenance methods.

Marble renovation process

1. Install 20-30KG aggravated iron on the crystal machine. (Workers should also pay attention to the problem of the machine's land balance.) Install the 30# refurbished dish on the retort disc, and put 500g of clear water on the ground;

2. Start crystal grinding machine to renovate two 80cmX80cm marbles, requiring uniform, non-stop grinding in a certain position, and slow refurbishment (because the speed is too fast will lead to insufficient balance of the dial, rejuvenation discs will Grinding out uneven and uneven grain), each marble joint can be ground more time, because all the floors are usually slightly higher and harder on all four sides;

3. Gradual turbidity of clear water will be found in the grinding process. The turbid water will be wiped with a glass, and then 400 g of water will be added to continue grinding until the water is found to be gradually cloudy again. At this time, the machine can be shut down. The glass is used to clean the muddy water. Surface refurbishment, the normal standard of refurbishment is: a new perspective of stone, dull, dull, smooth, smooth, brick 100% of the old scars disappeared, four seams smooth and dark, respectively, if not ground , there will be bright areas or black stains;

4, after the suction of sewage, you can choose to manually brush around the construction area, and then use the red pad machine to wash the whole piece of the ground, with a suction machine to clean the sewage;

5. After completing the refurbishment standard of 30#, the sewage shall be aspirated, and the clean water shall be re-used. Replace the 50# retort dish and continue grinding, and repeat 1, 2, and 3 procedures;

6, continue to use 150 #, 300 #, 500 #, 800 #, 1000 #, 2000 #, 3000 #, M # refurbished dishes continue to grind, repeat 1,2,3 processes; (800 # need grinding longer, To eliminate the small wear scars. 1000 #, 2000 #, 3000 # refurbished water consumption less;

7. After the grinding of M#, the surface of the stone has been shown to have a good finish but with a slight blemishes. The pores are extremely small and difficult to find, smooth and smooth.

8. Spray crystal powder (5-10ml per square) on the ground. Use a crystal nanomat with a 175-rpm crystal facer. Slowly and evenly grind every two squares for about 3-5 minutes.

9. Wash the floor with machine and wait until the floor is dry and polished;

10. Use dust to push the net ground, remove and remove protective items, and complete the operation.

Marble maintenance method

1-2 times a week stone care machine with nano wool pad (Brush pad) (if there is a 300-400 high speed machine better) spray a small amount of crystal surface maintenance agent or crystal hard powder on the clean or washed surface (The crystal hard powder must be added with water. The amount of water can be determined according to the humidity. The amount of water should be more when the weather is dry.) 1-2 grams per square meter.

Smooth it with a stone care machine, then grind it to light. Finally, use the dust to push the dust off the floor. Should be sprayed in sections, each 1-2 square meters. The pad should be kept clean. When too much dust is on it, the effect will be affected. If it is found to be stained, use it on the other side and change it until it is contaminated on both sides. Depending on the size of the work area, bring enough cleansing pad to clean it and dry it before use.

On a smooth dark floor, the pad can be replaced with a wire pad, which is better, but it should be noted that the floor is not smooth, or contamination of the pad will make the floor black. Local maintenance: Laying a waterproof mat in the middle of the door and the road where many people are walking to prevent sand grains from scratching the crystal surface.

1-2 times a month local maintenance, first put the crystal surface maintenance agent into the watering can, shake and spare. Match the stone care machine with the red scouring pad or the steel wire pad, spray the crystal surface maintenance agent dispersedly on the clean or washed stone surface, and evenly spread the ground (about 1-2 square meters) with the stone care machine, then Slowly and evenly dry, you can see bright. Do it paragraph by paragraph.

Note that the crystal surface maintenance agent should be evenly ground on the ground. If it is found to be uneven and leave a shadow, add a small amount of regrinding. The pad is very dry at the beginning and should be added with some crystal maintenance agent, which can be slightly reduced later. If the work area is large, two stone care machines should be used as a group. One is responsible for distribution and one is responsible for polishing. The efficiency and effectiveness are significantly improved. Finally push the powder on the floor with dust to push it clean.

Editing summary: About marble renovation process and marble maintenance methods are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

Marble marble renovation process

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