The outer bay window refers to the outwardly convex part of the modern house, generally trapezoidal or rectangular, and has three transparent glass. The indoor lighting is better than ordinary flat windows, the field of view is more open and bright, and the space of the house is also enlarged. The good outer bay window design can give the room a different style and color. It can connect the bay window with the house, expand the area of ​​the main room, or let it be self-contained and become its own secret garden. ".

So what do you need to pay attention to when designing the bay window in the room? What are the good bay window designs?


1. What should I pay attention to when designing the bay window in the room?

(1) Bay window is not recommended to design another small bedroom

Generally, the bay window is designed as a rest area, which is for a short period of rest and entertainment, rather than a long sleep here. The bay window can be equipped with cushions, pillows, bookcases, coffee tables, desks, cots and other rest and entertainment products to create a different atmosphere from the bedroom and living room. Then in this comfortable little space, take a look at the window. Soak a cup of fragrant coffee and enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun.


However, the bedroom used for sleeping at night is very unsuitable. Whether it is the slight privacy caused by the three-sided glass window or the huge noise caused by the traffic, it is decided that the bay window is not suitable for designing into a small bedroom.

(2) Bay window should not be set in children's room

The low bay window balcony is easier to climb, and it is dangerous for children who are growing up and curiosity. If you accidentally fall off the bay window, you may get hurt.


(3) Bay window should not be set up

The bay window has three sides of light, long-term direct sunlight, but many cosmetics are not suitable for direct sunlight, may deteriorate, bad for the skin, and will also cause economic losses, after all, many cosmetics and skin care products are valuable. Similarly, the bay window should not be placed with medicine.

2 , good bay window design appreciation


This bay window is designed as a seating area, with plain pillows and cushions, intricate tables and green plants, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment that is perfect for relaxation.


The color of the green pillow and the wallpaper are coordinated, and the custom-made bay window cabinet has both the function of storage and the laying of a cushion to sit down.


This bay window is small in size, but because there are few items placed, there is no narrow feeling. A table, a pot of green plants, and a computer are turned into a small work room. When you are tired, you can look up the window.

To find out more about the decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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