Floor tiles have become an indispensable floor decoration building material, and many owners choose to lay them down during renovations, but paving floor tiles is a technical activity. What tools do we need to prepare before laying out the floor tiles? Today we introduce the following related content, what are the tools for laying floor tiles and common paving tools!

Flooring tools:

1. Cutter: The size of the floor tile bought in the market is fixed, but when it is used in paving, its original size is not necessarily appropriate, and it needs to be cut and modified. At this time, the tile cutting tool should be used. Machine and manual cutter.

2, tooth scraper: tooth scraper is mainly used to level the mud, you need to use when leveling. Its role is to brush the trough flat to avoid emptying.

3, floor tile leveling device: floor tile leveling device used for tile leveling correction, the work experience of the master is generally not need this thing, if novice friends can use these gadgets. There are many types of floor tile screeds and they can be used repeatedly. The price is not expensive either. Friends in need can think about it!

4, vats or large basins: vats or pots can be considered a tool to lay out the floor tiles ! Because before paving, find a big bucket or large basin that can hold the floor tiles and use it to soak the tiles in water when needed. In order to prevent the tiles from sinking after the tiles are dropped.

5, trowel: Plastering floor tiles, you need to use a trowel, because the mud should be applied to the back of the floor tiles, trowel can also fill the mud and so on. Trowels are rich in products and can be used alone or in combination during construction.

6, tile adhesive: Tile material long ago is the use of cement mortar, tiles on the market now will be more convenient than cement mortar, with anti-infiltration, anti-aging and other advantages, and will not fall off, hollowing Phenomenon! Just follow the instructions in the proportion, add water and stir on it.

7, rubber hammer + plastic sheet: The role of rubber hammer is used to beat the floor tiles, in order to make the mortar on the back of the floor tile more compact, to avoid empty drum phenomenon. This time use a rubber hammer. If the floor tiles need to be left in the paving process, a small plastic sheet needs to be sandwiched between the floor tiles, which can be well separated from each other. This can solve the problem of floor tiles falling down.

Edit Summary: The above is paving tiles Xiaobian to introduce tools are introduced and which paving tools For more information, please continue to focus on this site!

Flooring tools

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