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Independent artist, famous designer

This is the first time we have exhibited in Dongguan. It is also the world premiere for our new brand of heavenly objects. It feels very good. The organizing committee has done a lot of things to serve exhibitors and promote the development of the industry. This is something that other exhibitions cannot do. The furniture exhibition has a great advantage, relying on a strong manufacturing industry. I also considered this aspect, hoping to have a relationship with manufacturing companies in Dongguan and companies in the industry chain.

Because we are more specific, we strictly control the flow of people. However, there are still many people waiting in line at our booth. Through this exhibition, I was already planning the next exhibition. I am very willing to participate more in the exhibition. I hope that I will have more interaction with the organizing committee in the future. I will do more research and more things. This will exceed the company's interest demands and will promote the entire industry.

Dechi Home Furnishing Chairman Chen Chi

At this exhibition, we have large booths in addition to large stores, and there are also booths in Hall 3, and we also have 1,500 square meters of full-house custom booths in Hall 8. Dechi has two series of branded furniture stores, one is Dechi and the other is Italian Filic. This is the two series that we have positioned in the most modern category.

After many customers chose Dechi products, they were puzzled because they could not find any product that could match our position in China. So we took a 1,500 square meter shop in Hall 8 to provide our customers with a full-house solution.

We want to use the big shop at the famous furniture exhibition as a window of our country, because the famous furniture exhibition is an indispensable exhibition for all of China. To come to Guangdong to see the exhibition, it is an inexhaustible furniture exhibition. There is no such place in the industry chain. , good environment, good resources.

General Manager of Shanghai Shengshi Annual Furniture Co., Ltd.

We have been exhibiting at the furniture fair from 2016 onwards. Every time we produce new products, we will release it at the famous furniture exhibition. The famous furniture exhibition is currently the strongest exhibition in the market, especially for our integrated brands. The weather vane. In terms of resources such as manufacturers and distributors, the appeal of the exhibition is ranked first in our minds.

In this exhibition, we launched a luxury new product. We used to have a brand called rose tortoiseshell. The element is a realistic rose; now the brand is a freehand rose, so it is a heritage of light luxury style products. Through two days of exhibitors, the flow of people was very good. On the first day, they received more than two hundred dial-in guests and dozens of agreements were reached.

Taisheng Group General Manager of Dongguan Huanhua Household Products Co., Ltd. Luo Langui

Our participation in this exhibition will be even stronger than before, because our products have been stripped of some products from the United States to domestic sales, and the size has been changed to the national standard.

Our hand products are officially introduced to the market at this exhibition, with features such as rich color matching, serialization, and many styles, and they have captured the consumer habits after 80 and 90. Therefore, our participation was very successful and the site was very popular. With the introduction of this product, our target is to open 100 stores. Nearly 100 franchisees have signed up for the exhibition two days before and the third day (the day) there are still many people talking here. The guests. The one-year goal has already been completed ahead of schedule. Next, we will also upgrade and we can make this product line into a big shop of more than 800 square meters.

Jiangsu Meidian Furniture Co., Ltd. General Manager Yan Dong

The products we exhibited this time are modern American style. The main point is to pay attention to fashion, and the software installation environment has spent a lot of effort to do it. The investment results are very good and the industry is recognized.

We started exhibiting at famous furniture fairs in 2015. I think the famous furniture exhibition has been developing very well in the past two years. The exhibition layout is very systematic, the classification is more clear, and atmosphere creation and publicity are well done. We will come to the exhibition next year.

Fu Yee Home Group General Manager Ye Yuanji

Last year, we had an outstanding success at Tianjin Oriental Furniture Exhibition in Dongguan. It attracted us to come to the furniture exhibition this year and it was a great success. By the third day of the exhibition, we have signed more than 300 stores, far exceeding our 60-odd target. These customers are basically full of cities across the country. This is not the same as we used to exhibit in other places. Customers in other places have limitations. But this time our contracted customers are full of southeast and northwest, which can be described as blooming everywhere.

We originally focused on the northern market. We originally wanted to open the national market. Through this exhibition, we have already achieved our goal quickly. Next, we have to consider the supply problem, so we will choose the best choice, consider the strategic layout.

Jiangsu Yupo Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Yu Lisheng

Now that furniture products have transitioned from the era of marketing to the era of scenes, in the future, one can start with home decoration and provide consumers with a full range of services. Therefore, we also did this with our goal. We have established space design companies and soft packaging companies in Shanghai, and we have provided scene services to consumers to lead the new Chinese home market.

This is the second time we have exhibited in Dongguan. The first time we launched our product, we got a lot of praise in the market and drove the whole ebony fashion. Within a year of exhibiting in Dongguan, more than 100 stores have opened. The main strategies of the company for the past two years are mainly internal training and brand promotion. This exhibition also reached our goal of opening stores.

Lin Huaping, deputy general manager of German Han Zun Furniture (Asia) Co., Ltd.

We are a local company in Dongguan. We are exhibiting at our doorstep and it is easier for us. This exhibition was also the first time we launched a suite series in China because we realized that the domestic market was very important to us. And we will choose the main furniture show.

From the perspective of the exhibitors, there are many customers who are interested in this exhibition. The number of customers we see is more than the number of guests who were added at other exhibitions in previous years. Our follow-up will continue to follow up. But more importantly, it is of great significance for us to grasp the direction of the market and carry out further adjustments of our products. Through the exhibition, our next direction of market development has been very clear.

Deputy General Manager of HC28 Liang Guiquan

We are attending the furniture fair for the first time, but we are always optimistic about Dongguan Show. Compared with other exhibitions in Dongguan, I feel that the impact on brand promotion, industry influence, and market appeal are generally better than those of other exhibitions. Therefore, we also set up a large flagship store in Hall 9 to promote our brand development through the integration of exhibition and trade.

We insist on original design. In fact, the organizers of the exhibition are also aware of market changes and are paying more and more attention to the market. So I think the future market prospects are very good. At present our design may have to learn abroad, but soon we can surpass them.

Muse Children Brand Marketing Director Liu Yuanzhi

Mousse's children debuted solid wood soft packs at this year's show, with muse's high-end brand positioning and healthy sleep system as the core. New products are more concerned with health, environmental protection and safety.

In the past few days of the exhibition, the flow of people in our booth was very good and we have achieved the expected results. Although we formally launched mousse children last year, we already have more than 100 stores across the country. We plan to open another 100 stores this year, and we will shift from traditional home stores to high-end shopping malls. The product line will be even more enriched. The direction of development.

The children's lifestyle museum of this year's famous furniture exhibition, whether it is arranged from the atmosphere or the installation of art installations, has taken a great deal of thought and has significantly improved compared to last year, and the entire exhibition area is more stylish.

C&C Park Furniture Marketing Director Shu Peiying

Creative&Classic is the first time we have exhibited as an independent brand. It is also our first time participating in a professional furniture exhibition. We originally provided support for the domestic soft sofa brand, and the shipment volume has been very stable. The main purpose of this exhibition for the famous furniture exhibition is to promote the brand.

Creative&Classic builds an overall supporting home and dining room for the customer. The market is positioned in the middle and high-end and is favored by a large number of overseas buyers, including India, South Korea, Malaysia, and Morocco. Overall, this exhibition was very good. All the business cards and brochures on the second day of the show were sent. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 300 customers.

Shenzhen Ouyou Weibang Household Products Co., Ltd. Marketing General Manager Yang Kaishui

The products introduced by Eurostar have created a feature of the home software living room. The concept of drapery and the whole home has been implanted into the living room sofa, integrating the Nordic, American, and Italian luxury into modern styles. Presented. In fact, the space designer is also very much convinced of the exhibition hall in Europe.

Two days before this year's furniture fair, Ouye had more than 60 distributors. By the 18th, it should have exceeded 100. Next, Euronano will continue to promote the product chain, marketing chain, and even try the big store model. In the future, Euroneu will also go along with the famous furniture exhibition and build a closer cooperation relationship.

Huang Kai Furniture Marketing Director Liu Hao

Huang Kai Furniture promotes light luxury in this exhibition. The three major series of products, Barbara Jianou, Jianmei, and Jianfang, cater to current market trends. Light luxury furniture is a hot product in recent years, but dealers must not only rely on the flow of this kind of product not only on the store, but also must have their own set of operating system in order to control it. Therefore, many dealers take a wait-and-see attitude toward light and extravagant products, but we signed more than 50 customers in the first three days of the show, and most of them are new customers from Shandong, Hebei, and other provinces, indicating that the North China region Consumers are also starting to pay attention to light luxury products.

Chairman of Jiangxi Sanlian Furniture Co., Ltd. Fang Jianming

We are the first time to exhibit. Because the famous furniture exhibition is the most influential in the country. Over the past few years, through participation in the famous furniture exhibition, we have greatly promoted our brand image and popularity in Jiangxi. Therefore, we must visit Dongguan. We originally exhibited at other exhibitions. This product is a high-end product and must come to Dongguan.

Our hand-made product was newly developed last year. It has just been put into production this year, and it has specifically registered the “Zijin Pavilion” brand. Next, it will continue to push new series and specialize in new Chinese style. In this exhibition, we have already reached the investment target in advance. We will strictly control the number of dealers and select quality dealers.

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