Today, new home decoration, we always hope that the decoration can be the best when it is convenient, after all, decoration is a very troublesome thing, always hope that the best one-step place, then a lot of decoration owners are asking, in-wall faucet is good, What are the advantages and disadvantages, today Xiao Bian for everyone to fully introduce the in-wall faucet installation method of knowledge.

First, what is the in-wall faucet installation

The name of the in-wall faucet is named after its installation method. In-wall installation actually means concealed installation. It means that the water supply fittings of the faucet are buried in the wall, and only one faucet and switch can be seen on the surface. Wall-mounted faucets are generally more space-efficient and can enhance the decorative nature of the entire bathroom space, making the bathroom space more tidy.

Second, in-wall faucet installation advantages

1. Intelligent water saving: It belongs to the automatic sensor control switch. When the handle or water container is used in the induction range, the faucet will take the initiative to effluent. After detachment, the water will be stopped and the water saving function will be obvious.

2. To save space, the purchase of wall-mounted faucets is generally more space-saving than ordinary faucets, and it can also improve the decorative nature of all the bathroom space, making the bathroom space more neat and tidy.

3, to facilitate cleaning and cleaning: When using the switch automatically through the sensor to complete, without the need for people to touch the tap, there is to prevent bacteria interspersed infection.

Third, in-wall faucet installation defects

1. Compared with in-wall faucets and general faucets, installation of in-wall faucets will be more complicated. Usually, it is better to ask a professional installation master to install and handle them, and the cost of in-wall faucets is relatively high.

2. The in-wall faucet needs to install many parts into the wall. If there is a problem during use, it will be very troublesome to repair.

Fourth, in-wall faucet installation steps

1. The water source should be opened before installation. The purpose is to clean the impurities and sand in the piping, and then turn off the water. The main purpose is to prevent the water pipes from being properly installed and then rework if there are impurities in the water pipes. Installation is quite troublesome.

2, the flange cover buckle into the water elbow teeth, and then use the stop leak tape to wrap the teeth, buckle into the wall pipe, the hot and cold adjustment, in the water elbow, rotating angle to the flat and hole The distance from the hot and cold water inlet holes of the body is the same, and then the flange cover is rotated against the wall, mainly for the purpose of fixing.

3, finally put the rubber gasket into the tap, hot and cold water, then connect the nut, the last hot and cold water inlet elbow connection lock, use a 30mm wrench on it.

Summary: The above is Xiaobian to introduce the in-wall faucet installation method and the knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the in-wall faucet. Xiaobian hopes that this knowledge can help everyone better understand the in-wall faucet. For more information, please read more The relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this site!

Faucet installation method


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