I believe that everyone has encountered the problem of blocked or unobstructed toilets in daily life. In this case, they will contact a company that is professionally clearing the sewers. Therefore, it is necessary to first understand the price of toilets. Today, Xiao Bian To share for everyone is how much money to clear the toilet and how to prevent toilet blockage.

First, how much money to clear the toilet?

1. The price of toilets is determined according to the type of toilet we use. Usually, our toilets are divided into two types: one-piece type and split type. The type of sewage can be divided into two types: back row type and bottom row type. According to the production of materials can also be divided into ceramic toilets and marble toilets and plastic toilets, according to the drainage method can also be divided into siphon and flush type two.

2. Different styles of toilet blocked need to take the dredge method is also different, so according to the toilet model can be accurately to clear the price of toilets, different regions to clear the toilet price is also a certain difference, the current market to clear the toilet The price is about: General dredge 40-100 yuan, mechanical dredge 100-200 yuan. [price from the network, for reference only]

Second, how to prevent the toilet blockage

1. Prevent hard objects from entering the toilet

Never forget that some hard objects fall into the toilet, such as shampoo caps, children's toys, and other things. Such things will never rot when they fall into the toilet. Cards stuck to such things can easily be blocked.

2. Prevent sewage sediment from clogging the air return hole

Prevent the cement, lime, paint and other dirt from falling into the toilet to prevent the dirt from accumulating in the toilet. After a long time, it will easily clog the air return hole, causing the water released from the toilet not to form a vortex, thus reducing the flushing. impact.

3. Prevent fecal clogging of air holes

Due to people's metabolism, defecation is needed every day, because sometimes the excrement particles are relatively small, so it is easy to block the air return hole, and it is necessary to constantly check whether the air return hole of the toilet is clogged, and it is necessary to frequently clear the obstruction in the air return hole.

4 should pay attention to check whether the air return hole is normal

When the toilet is not blocked, it is necessary to consider whether the return air hole is normal. Once a blockage is found, it is only necessary to remove the dirt and impurities in the air return hole and the toilet bowl can immediately return to normal.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the small editor for everyone to share how much money to clear the toilet and how to prevent toilet blockage, due to different regions of different consumer conditions, the price of toilet will be different, so the above price is for reference only, such as Need to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to this website site.

How much money to clear the toilet?

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