Nowadays, many families who pay attention to quality of life choose to place sofa chaise longues at home, and the size of sofa chaise longues is one of the most important aspects in choosing sofa chaise longues, from luxury to simplicity, from conflict to coordination, low-key Nothing is moving, and the quality and exquisiteness of the sofa chaise longue are reflected in the details. Today, Platinum furniture and everyone to study the size of the sofa chaise longue!

First, the modern wind sofa chaise chair size: 1760 * 940 * 880

This sofa chaise longue fabric is sturdy and soft, with a unique style. In the description of the details, the simple and smooth lines are used to outline its elegant shape. The elegant shades are covered with a veil of veil, and the comfortable and soft fabrics give it a high-quality feel, which can bring you unlimited The joy.

Second, French style sofa chaise chair size: 2280*780*1080

This sofa chaise longue is characterized by a strong court aristocratic atmosphere, noble and elegant, simple style, bright colors, top carvings. In the description of the details, the style is elegant and generous, the style is unique, the style is novel and diverse; the rich floral decoration shows the pursuit of aristocratic temperament, the cushion and the backrest are comfortable and soft, and the part has exquisite carved design, which has the noble atmosphere of the royal court.

Third, European style sofa chaise chair size: 1940*980*1190

This sofa chaise longue features a subtle color, fresh and elegant style, soft cushions and backrest, which is the best choice for releasing stress and relieving fatigue. The humanized design is used in the detailed description, the cumbersome decoration is discarded, the design returns to the nature, and the leisure feeling is strong, making your home life more perfect and unique.

Fourth, the rural wind sofa chaise chair size: 2000 * 870 * 830

This sofa chaise longue is designed according to the Korean pastoral style. The color is fresh and natural, simple and fashionable, and has a warm and comfortable feeling. The details are based on the fact that the backrest is made of ultra-soft sponge and the outer layer is made of the finest fabric. The hand feel is comfortable and the environmentally-friendly wood lacquer is used to enhance the appearance without causing harm to the body.

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