This weekend home, my mother said mysteriously, you look at our home more than a medicine box. When I returned to the house, it turned out to be a first-aid kit. When I opened it, I was quite full. The left half is commonly used drugs, Dan Dan, Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Shui, even the medicines for high blood pressure, the right half is the commonly used gauze, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope and so on. It seems that the power companies are also taking great pains to ensure the safety of summer electricians' work.


When it comes to popularity, we must mention the difference between developed countries and us. First-aid kits have long been listed as the standard configuration of cars in developed countries in the form of laws and regulations. In foreign countries, the first-aid industry has matured, and even some supermarkets and convenience stores have first-aid kits for sale.

In China, the first-aid kit manufacturers seem to have few, and only Kolo CROR and Kangli Di KANGLIDI have heard that the penetration rate is even lower. This is related to the popularity of first-aid knowledge, and the market for first-aid products still remains. On the basis of medical treatment, there are also some people in the family standing kits, but the configuration is not professional enough, there are still some first-aid supplies to deal with emergency incidents are still missing.

First-aid kits have been developed for civil use, and some clues can be found in the exhibitions that a first-aid kit company has participated in in recent years. A company participates in the 23rd China (Shenzhen) International Gift & Household Products Exhibition and a company participates in the 29th China International Gifts, Premiums and Housewares Exhibition...

In addition, the spread of first-aid knowledge also requires the unity of all sectors of society and businesses. First, we must teach everyone how to use it and under what circumstances. With fire extinguishers gradually gaining a foothold in the civilian market, the first aid kit will also play an increasingly important role in the people's future life! (China Labor Safety Net Editor Yi Meibing)

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Chlorodiphenylphosphine Basic Information
Product Name: Chlorodiphenylphosphine
CAS: 1079-66-9
MF: C12H10ClP
MW: 220.63
EINECS: 214-093-2
Mol File: 1079-66-9.mol

Chlorodiphenylphosphine Structure

Chlorodiphenylphosphine 1079-66-9

Chlorodiphenylphosphine Chemical Properties
Melting point 14-16°C
Boiling point 320 °C(lit.)
density 1.229 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
storage temp. Store at R.T.
solubility Miscible with alcohol. Slightly miscible with ammonia.
form Liquid
color Colorless to yellow
Water Solubility Reacts violently

Sensitive Air & Moisture Sensitive

Chlorodiphenylphosphine Application

Chlorodiphenylphosphine is used to introduce the diphenylphosphinyl moiety by aryl ortho-lithiation. It is also used as an intermediate to make antioxidants, flame retardants, stabilizers, catalysts, photoinitiators, and optical brighteners. Used as a halogenation reagent for the conversion of alcohols into halides, in the preparation of solid-phase reagent for the conversion of alcohols to alkyl halides.

Chlorodiphenylphosphine CAS No.1079-66-9

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