The working principle of the edge fusion system is to fuse the images projected by multiple projectors into one big picture, eliminating the middle fusion band and achieving perfect visual effects. The fuser bridges the entire projection system. Of course, edge blending is not an easy fix, and we have to pay attention to some things in the process of blending. For example:

Guaranteed that the fusion of the screen is between 10% and 40%. Before the order of the metal curtain, it is necessary to go through technical conversion, order after confirming the size, not blindly ordering.

2 The projector is recommended to use dlp projection, the screen is delicate, fusion with a perfect effect.

Rear projection screen edge fusion system

LCD: Disadvantages of the projector:

1, LCD (liquid crystal) projectors easily leak light, fusion band will appear fine light, can not be debugged. Before the projector is selected, it is necessary to lightly check the machine.

2, LCD projector contrast is not high, the white part is Fan yellow, the degree of yellowing of each projector is not the same, resulting in a color difference between the machines, can not form a large screen 3, LCD projector brightness compared to dlp The uniformity is not high, the middle brightness is bright, and the surrounding area is dark.

Eurasian Fusion

Wire distribution:

1. In order to avoid signal interference, data lines are generally not routed with strong power. If there is signal interference, pull the strong signal and signal line a meter away.

2.vga wire signal transmission signal simulation, can not be used as the fuser to the projector between the signal line, prone to fusion device can not save, and jumper state 3.hdmi wire and dvi wire for the fusion of commonly used wire, when selected To choose a little better wire, it is best not to exceed 10 meters, more than 15 meters of wire, it is recommended to add chips. 15 meters or more, please go to the cable.

4. The projector hanger used for the fusion needs to be very firm, and the engineering machine is best to use a professional engineering hanger, otherwise the fusion zone is prone to dislocation streaking.

Pentaerythritol Ester is a kind of saturated polyol ester POE produced by pentaerythritol, high and low carbon fatty acid. It can solely blended with other synthetic material, also can be used with PAO and mineral Base Oil. It can be used in super lower temperature ICE engine oil, aviation gas turbine oil and environment protection type refrigerated compressor oil. It is suitable for cooling medium R-22.R-32.R-134a.R-507.R-407C and R-410A. Also can be used as base oil in various fully synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricant, as well as in high and low temperature grease for harsh condition food processing industry.

Pentaerythritol Ester Base Oil

Pentaerythritol Ester Base Oil

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