Introduction <br> <br> intelligent micro water meter is the latest development of modern, high-level, intelligent measurement instruments. Regardless of the measurement principle, the degree of automation, and the convenience of use, the instrument has advanced features that are incomparable with similar instruments. In particular, European standards technology is used to ensure accurate and reliable data.

Product alias

Micro water tester, SF6 gas micro water tester, gas moisture meter, dew point meter, gas dew point tester, moisture analyzer.

Product Features

The intelligent micrometer has a wide measuring range, fast response time, short measuring period, intuitive display and easy operation. The instrument is suitable for a wide range of applications. Humidity measurement of air, nitrogen, inert gas, and any gas that does not contain corrosive media is particularly suitable for measuring humidity of SF6 gas. Power, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, research institutes, and other departments Can be used, with a very high cost performance.

Technical features

1. Quick measurement: no preheating is required after starting up, and the dew point saturation state can be quickly reached.

2. Rapid gas saving: The gas consumption is only about 2L (101.2kPa) during the measurement.

3, self-locking connector: imported from Germany original self-locking connector, safe and reliable, no leakage.

4. Data storage: Large-capacity design can store up to 60 sets of test data.

5. Clear display: The LCD screen directly displays dew point, micro water (ppm), ambient temperature, ambient humidity, time and date, and battery power.

6, portable design: the instrument is lighter, portable, easy to use.

7, built-in power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery, a sufficient amount of continuous work for 8 hours.

Technical Parameters

1. Measurement range: -80°C~+20°C (dew point)

2, measurement accuracy: ± 2 °C (-80 °C ~ -50 °C)

±1°C (-49°C~+20°C) (working range)

3, measurement time: ≤ 3 minutes / point 4, sampling flow: 300ml/min ± 20%

5. Display mode: LCD display, full Chinese interface, with backlight 6, power supply: dual direct and dual use, rechargeable battery can work for 8 hours continuously. 7. Inspection method: self-checking function 8. Total weight: 3.5kg

9, the whole size: length × width × height = 250mm × 300mm × 100mm

Chemical formula:


Molecular weight:


Standard executed:

GB/T 28159-2011  GB3149-2004/FCC  GB/T 2091-2008


Under normal temperature, Phosphoric acid is a colorless transparent viscous liquid, with a melting point of 21.1℃ and a boiling point of 158 ℃. As a tribasic acid with moderate acidity, it has all the common characteristics of an acid, including strong metal corrosion properties.


1.Phosphoric acid Electronic Grade is widely used in the semiconductor industry in ultra large scale integrated circuits, electronic chips, liquid crystal display films and cleaning and etching of said products. It is also used in the preparation processes of high purity special phosphates and high purity organic phosphorus products.

2.Phosphoric Acid Food Grade is used as a clarifier in food and beverage industries, as an acid additive or a yeast nutrient, and in the production of food grade phosphates.

3.Mainly used as a metal surface treatment agent, as the phosphate in raw material products, as an organic reaction catalyst in the sugar industry and as a refractory additive or a activated carbon treatment agent in the compound fertilizer industry.

Packaging and storage:

Electronic Grade:Packaged in 200L HDPE drums(330Kg / drum), IBC ton barrels (1700 Kg /drum), or the ISO lorry lined in 316L stainless steel.

Food grade:1000L IBC (1700KG/tank,IBC),200L drum (330KG/drum),25L drum(35KG/drum) and ISO-TANK. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from toxic and hazardous

Tech grade:1000L tank(1700KG/tank, IBC);200L plastic drum (330KG/drum);25L plastic drum(35KG/drum) and ISO-TANK.

Phosphoric Acid CAS NO.7664-38-2

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