Easy to install, low freight costs, fast production, timely delivery is the use of fiberglass milestones, benefits of 100 meters piles.
After nearly a month of trials, on April 28th, the Altay Highway Administration Burqin Branch's innovative highway milestone digital retrofitting technology was put into use, and the figures were both clear and standardized, as well as cost savings.
This innovation is based on the improvement of the milestone milestones of the highway. It replaces the original paint numbers with reflective stickers and installs acrylic protection boards to improve the milestones. The use of this innovation puts a clear display of the kilometer number, reduces the cost of maintenance, and completely changes the problem of the non-standard and unclear spacing between the repeated painting of the landmark kilometer and the replacement of the artificial painting. Especially at night, the kilometer is illuminated by vehicles. The figures are extremely clear. Through one installation, that is, sustainable use for more than two years, the calculation of the 190 milestones of the national highway No. 217 of Buerjin Branch will save the maintenance cost of nearly 30,000 yuan per year.

“Hands up the milestone on the highway and completes the installation in dozens of minutes. It does not need to be cleaned twice a year. It is not painted repeatedly, because non-renewable use is called 'thief does not steal'...” This is a new milestone. (Also called the new maintenance-free milestone) is a unique feature.

In order to strengthen the refinement and conservation, standardize the management of facilities along the highway. In the past few days, the maintenance personnel of the Fuyun Highway Branch replaced the new milestones on the K216-K454 section of the G216 line, and the beautiful and neat new clothes added a new face along the road.

It is understood that the Fuyun Highway Sub-bureau introduced a new milestone in the K278-K298 demonstration section of the G216 line under its jurisdiction last year and put it into the trial phase. After observation, the facility is characterized by high brightness, no fading, long life, and nighttime reflection. It is easy to guide and drive under the condition of no streetlights, and it is made of polymer materials, making the weight only a milestone of cement (lining rebar). /4, transportation, movement, assembly is very convenient, but also has the advantages of energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing maintenance costs. On this basis, the technical personnel of the branch are brave enough to innovate and use waste tires to bind two bricks on both sides of the inscription on the buried site, or to inject sandy soil inwards from the inscription base, to continuously enhance its firmness.

The 100-meter pile represents the distance of one hundred meters of road. It is located between the milestones on the right side of the road. A 100-meter pile is set every 100 meters. There is a milestone every 1000 meters. The name of the road and the number of kilometers are marked on it. Every two milestones. There are 9 hundred-meter piles between the drivers. Through the milestones and 100-meter piles, the driver can determine his exact position. The part above the hundred meters pile is white, and the color of the word is consistent with the color of the word on the landmark. The 100-meter piles and mileage piles are along the road, along the railway, along the underground pipeline, or along the underground cable. Conventional cement 100-meter piles, mileage piles, steel-steel piles, mileage piles, composite materials hundred meters piles, mileage piles and glass fiber reinforced plastic piles, mileage piles.
Steel 100-meter piles (pvc 100-meter piles, mileage piles): The material has excellent performance, a wide range of applications, good elasticity, no recyclables, excellent anti-aging properties, low investment, low cost, good effect, light weight, easy installation, and easy construction Nice appearance.
Composite 100-meter pile (resin Gaza 100-meter pile, mileage pile): long life, clear fonts, obvious warning, natural security, late maintenance, no deformation, no fading.
With the continuous improvement of the rural road network and the increasing mileage of roads, the milestones, 100-meter piles, and mileage pile defects in rural roads are more serious. Some milestones in county and township roads have been used for a long period of time, and problems such as unclear recognition have not only affected the overall image of the roads. It also inconveniences the daily inspection and management. Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose glass fiber reinforced plastic hundred meters piles, mileage piles and plastic materials hundred meters piles, mileage piles. The glass fiber reinforced plastic 100-meter piles and highway milestones are used instead of cement one-hundred-pound piles. Milestones have already developed into a trend. In the next five years, the newly-built highways will adopt 100-meter piles and milestones made of glass steel.

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