The “Guangdong Chuangyue New” Collection Group reporter team recently entered the Engineering Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Dongguan (referred to as “工工院”). It is understood that the hospital has made a breakthrough in a key technology in the drilling and attack center, not only breaking the foreign technology monopoly to fill the domestic gap, but also reducing the price of foreign similar products by nearly 50%. “The Fanuc drilling and tapping center of Japan was previously in a technical monopoly position in the market. Later, our ITRI specialized in this technology, and now our similar products have been fully localized. Last year our new system was launched. After that, the entire FANUC product began to cut prices, from the earliest 600,000 yuan to more than 300,000 yuan now." Liu Guoxiang, vice president of the Industrial Research Institute, told the reporters.

It is understood that after the breakthrough of the key technologies of the Drilling and Drilling Center, ITRI can meet the requirements of 3C (China Compulsory Product Certification) in the field of high-speed drilling and attack center machine tool equipment, break the foreign monopoly to fill the domestic gap, in product function and performance. It has reached the level of similar foreign system products. At present, the technology has been tested in three Dongguan machine tool enterprises, which are used to process metal mobile phone casings.

According to the data provided by ITRI, Dongguan is the largest base for drilling and attacking centers. With the popularity of metal-shell mobile phones, the market for drilling and attacking centers is huge. It is estimated that the demand for drilling and attack center products will reach 80,000 units in 2015. Under the ambitious "Dongguan Manufacturing 2025" strategy, this product will boost Dongguan's 3C manufacturing upgrade and innovation drive.

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