British media reported on July 11, the Rotterdam Municipal Council announced that it will try a new type of pavement material, Rotterdam may become the world's first city to repair roads with plastic bottles. The Dutch company Falk-Wessels Construction recently announced a plan to build pavements entirely from recycled plastic bottles.
According to reports, plastic bottles are a more environmentally friendly pavement material that can replace asphalt. The annual global release of carbon dioxide from asphalt is 1.6 million tons, accounting for 2% of all carbon dioxide emissions from road transport. At the same time, the construction period of roads using plastic bottles for pavement is only a few weeks, while the construction period of traditional roads is several months, and the service life of the former is three times that of the latter. According to Falk-Wessels Construction, this new type of pavement requires less maintenance and can withstand more extreme temperatures.
According to the report, it is easier to install cables and equipment pipes under the road surface because the plastic bottle is lighter. The factory can produce a new section of the road and transport it to the construction site. This means shorter building times, lower maintenance costs and less road construction. The company's director said that the project is still in the creative stage, but the company plans to build the first road that uses recycled materials in the next three years. Rotterdam is the first city in the world to announce its intention to try out this new type of pavement. Previously, Rotterdam has been promoting sustainable technologies with its “climate plan”.
Rolf Moss, head of the road construction subsidiary of Falk-Wessels Construction, said: "Compared with the current road construction, plastic pavement has an advantage in terms of construction and maintenance. The project is still in the creative stage, and the next step will be to build and test in the laboratory.” Moss said: “Rotterdam is a very creative city. This idea fits very well with Rotterdam’s sustainability policy. Currently, Rotterdam has accepted this idea and expressed its intention to pilot."

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