Things to watch out for when selecting cables and wires 1 - Look at colors. Copper red yellow, indicating that the quality of copper is better, while yellow white is the reaction of low quality copper. For the aluminum core wire, the regular must be shiny, flashing silver white light under the light, and those dark, it looks bad color pollution quality.

2-Test the toughness of the cable by hand. A good wire has good toughness and can be bent very well. Some unqualified wires are bent several times and their insulation layer is broken. Some of them can be peeled off by hand and the insulation layer can be peeled off. This indicates that the cable is not qualified. .

3- The cable length and core thickness are not qualified. According to the relevant standards, the error of the wire length must not exceed 5%, and the cross-sectional wire diameter must not exceed 0.02%. The normal number of such cables is normal.

4- The cable core is located in the middle of the insulation layer. Non-centered is due to the fact that the process is not high and the eccentricity phenomenon is caused. If the power is small, it can be safe when used. Once the power is used, the thinner side may be broken down by the current.

5 is to see whether the cable marking is clear and complete. The formal cables should be marked with: manufacturer name, wire type, size, cross-sectional area, length, rated voltage, date of manufacture, number of certifications performed, or certification mark.

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