The stop valve is the design of the pneumatic limb valve.

1 Overview Pneumatic Adhesive 1 is a new type of self-controlled shut-off valve that uses compressed air as the power source and uses the double floating of the cylinder block and the piston rod to clamp or loosen the hose to block and conduct the fluid medium. The valve is applied to the well washing sewage treatment equipment system of Liaohe Oilfield with the advantages of simple structure, reliable switching and no pollution. The series design is carried out by the dimension driving method. By inputting different pressure and path values ​​and designing and calculating by the programmed serialization program, the design of the dynamic rubber tube can be completed accurately and efficiently.

2 Principle Features and Methods Dimensional driving is to change the shape and size of the geometry to draw parameters, and the drive shape automatically changes. Parametric drawing is widely used in 0 people 0, especially for the design of mechanical products, it needs to be serialized to provide different power and specifications for the user's production characteristics. This requires the product, the person, the system to have a parametric design function, so that the design of the product can be easily modified with the modification of certain structural dimensions, and automatically re-draw the required paper to achieve automatic size-driven Variety. In order to make more effort and more intuitively modify the number, the serial design software should directly use the mouse to point to the size entity that needs to be modified, input new parameters from the command line, and automatically generate a new shape after the modification.

The process of 3 size driving is implemented in one person, and the mouse is used to modify the method of the mouse. In the case of the number of paintings, the size of the parameter entity needs to be modified, that is, the permanent code of the parameter entity is stored in a text file. When the modify command is executed, the size entity is clicked with the mouse, and if the entity size is sufficient for an entity program of the created entity handle file, the entity is allowed to modify. Enter the new value from the command line. After the diagnosis is confirmed, the program will automatically re-paint the new parameter value. The procedure of the process is 1.

4 Design example Under normal circumstances, the main parameters and dimensions of the cylinder of pneumatic hose valve 2 are cylinder diameter and cylinder wall thickness. Before the parameterization, if the cylinder diameter of the 50-way pneumatic hose valve is changed from 7 to 100, all other design parameters will be recalculated and re-drawn. After the parametric design. These complicated tasks are automatically completed by the computer. The user only needs to input the diameter and pressure of the hose through the visual interactive interface to complete the winter 1. Gas 1.2 upper splint 3. Hose 4. Allow, 2 pneumatic hose valve 5 part size Driver 1 cylinder 2 upper splint 3. hose 4 lower splint 6 conclusion è¡® size drive method into the valve product series can shorten the product design cycle, improve efficiency, reduce cost, enhance matching ability, reduce design error Improve quality.

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The metal surface treatment agent is a generic term for chemical agents that perform various treatments on metal surfaces. Metal surface treatment includes pre-treatment of degreasing, descaling, phosphating, rust prevention, etc. It is prepared for metal coating technology and metal protection technology. The quality of matrix pretreatment is very good for coating preparation and metal use. Great impact. Metals and their products often contaminate the surface with various contaminants and impurities during processing. Cleaning is an extremely important part of metal surface treatment. A common cleaning agent with the main goal of degreasing. The rust preventive agent is a chemical agent added to various media such as water, oil or fat for the purpose of metal rust prevention. Phosphating is one of the most important methods for corrosion prevention of metal materials. Its purpose is to provide corrosion protection for the base metal, to primer the base before painting, to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating layer, and to reduce friction in metal processing. Lubrication, etc. Phosphating is a commonly used pretreatment technique and should be treated chemically in principle. Engineering applications are mainly phosphating of steel parts, but phosphating can also be applied to non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc.

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