Abstract In the beautiful season of Beijing's spring bloom, the 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015) was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing from April 20th to 25th, 2015. This exhibition is not in the industry for four consecutive years...
In the beautiful season of spring in Beijing, the 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015) was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing from April 20th to 25th, 2015. This exhibition was held in the background of the key period of transformation and upgrading in the industry for four consecutive years without going out of the downside. The theme of this exhibition is “New Normal and New Development”. This theme accurately and vividly explains the current era of China's machine tool industry development and industrial market, reflecting the background of CIMT2015.

As a finishing equipment in machine tools, CNC grinding machines serve a wide range of industries and industries. They have always adhered to the classic style, while constantly innovating, accelerating transformation and upgrading, adding a beautiful landscape to the exhibition. This time, 120 well-known grinding machine manufacturers from 9 countries and regions including China, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and Taiwan participated in the exhibition. Among them, there are 78 exhibitors in China and 42 overseas manufacturers. A total of 188 exhibits were exhibited, setting a new record for previous exhibitions. The exhibits are mainly based on "high speed, high precision, compound, intelligent". KC33 universal internal and external cylindrical grinding machine and S41 universal cylindrical grinding machine exhibited by STUDER in Switzerland, Multigruid AF numerical control grinding center exhibited by Haasmag Grinding Machine Co., Ltd., Germany, and GRANIT numerical control five-axis tool exhibited by HAWEMA-Xinlai Technology Grinding machine, HARDINGE HG-U1000 high-precision internal and external universal grinding machine exhibited by Swiss Harding Grinder Group, KELLENBERGER KEL-VERA UR-RS 300/750 Kleinberg high-precision CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine, etc. MK8432 CNC roll grinder exhibited by the company, B2-K089 double wheel frame CNC axle grinding machine exhibited by Beijing Second Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., B2-K1018 double wheel frame CNC follow-up CNC crankshaft grinder, exhibited by Jiangxi Jieke Machine Tool Co., Ltd. JKM8320A super high speed CBN servo CNC grinding machine, 3MK20 robot joint track grinding machine exhibited by Qinchuan Grande Machine Tool Co., Ltd., FX-CG-100CNC high precision CNC compound grinding machine exhibited by Fuxincheng Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Guangyu The MGK2835 high-precision CNC vertical grinding machine exhibited by Dacheng CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., these exhibits fully demonstrate the development level of the grinding machine industry. At the same time, we can also see the changes in the development of the grinding machine industry under the influence of the complicated and ever-changing domestic and international environmental situation and the adjustment of China's economic structure.

1 Technology continues to innovate and new products continue to emerge
At present, major breakthroughs and extensive applications of technologies such as robotics, digital manufacturing, 3D printing, big data, and Internet of Things are refactoring the manufacturing technology system. The global manufacturing industry is facing tremendous changes in manufacturing technology systems, manufacturing models, industry forms and value chains. Developed countries have launched a series of strategic initiatives, including Germany's Industry 4.0, the US's revitalization of manufacturing plans, and Japan's I-JAPAN strategy. In order to effectively cope with the new round of technical competition, China proposes to develop intelligent manufacturing, enhance the rapid, responsive market capacity and promote the manufacturing industry to the high end of the industrial value chain by improving the automation, intelligence, flexibility and greening level of the manufacturing process. Made 2025. From this exhibition, we also saw that all exhibitors are constantly innovating on the existing technical level, working hard on user needs, truly taking customers as the center, providing users with specific solutions to maximize the user experience.

Such as: HARDINGE HG-U1000 is the latest high-precision internal and external cylindrical universal grinding machine developed by Harding Grinding Machine Group. It is jointly built by KELLENBERGER, a world-famous external grinding machine manufacturing expert of the Group, and JONES&SHIPMAN of the United Kingdom. It is called a fine machine tool, as shown in Figure 1. .
Figure 1 Swiss HARDINGE HG-U1000 high precision internal and external cylindrical grinding machine
High precision, high rigidity and high efficiency are the basic characteristics of this grinding machine, achieving the perfect combination of performance and efficiency. Due to its excellent performance and excellent flexibility, it can be widely used in aerospace, medical, hydraulic, mold, high-end automotive manufacturing and other industries.

STUDER Switzerland exhibited the S41 universal cylindrical grinding machine, the S141 internal grinding machine and the KC33 universal internal and external grinding machine. The development of the S41 fusion new technology ensures flexibility, high precision and short auxiliary time. The S41 can be equipped with up to four grinding wheels for almost all requirements for full and complete machining.

Figure 2 Swiss STUDER universal cylindrical grinding machine
The S41 is a new generation of CNC universal internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, with a number of technical advantages that can be proud of, to meet every possible need. The S41 can also be configured as a specialized, high-volume production grinder.

The high precision of this machine comes from a perfect coordination between a large number of different factors. Its high-precision foundation is an artificial granite bed with excellent shock absorption and excellent thermal stability. The modular design concept of the STUDER grinding machine, the perfect design of each part of the machine, high-precision manufacturing and the perfect cooperation between the various components, can achieve flexible and diverse options configuration, providing users with more choices. This machine gives us a new understanding of the grinding machine.

Beijing Guangyu Dacheng CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of various high-precision CNC grinding machines to meet the needs of users. The company takes science and technology as the forerunner, takes the market as the guide, adheres to the road of independent technology property rights, and constantly innovates. This exhibition exhibited MM1320 precision cylindrical grinding machine, MGK2835 high-precision CNC vertical grinding machine and high-precision horizontal CNC double-face grinding machine. Among them, high-precision horizontal CNC double-face grinding machine (as shown in Figure 3) is the company. The national major special product is a special equipment for the processing of automobile engine connecting rods.
Figure 3 High-precision horizontal CNC double-face grinder
This equipment adopts the company's own intellectual property rights of static pressure grinding wheel spindle, static pressure linear guide, disc feeding mechanism, pneumatic feeding mechanism and other advanced technologies. The grinding machine is easy to operate and has high grinding efficiency to meet the cycle requirements of the production line. The degree of automation is high, and if the robot is automatically loaded and unloaded, productivity can be further improved.

2 Machine tooling line matching, intelligent rapid development
With the continuous upgrading of user needs and the promotion and application of modern technology, machine tool manufacturers are providing users with the ability to complete the line-up and automation and intelligence of their products. At this exhibition, Beijing No. 2 Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. exhibited three sets of equipment, one of which is the B2-K089 double-wheel wheel CNC axle grinding machine widely used in the railway industry, and the other two are for the production of crankshafts for automobile engines. B2-K1018 double wheel frame follow-up (cut point tracking) crankshaft grinder (significant special results) and B2-6008 crankshaft belt polishing machine can maximize product quality and equipment utilization. Since the crankshaft finishing requires high production efficiency, the equipment should be automated and continuous processing with stable machining accuracy.

Figure 4 is a crankshaft grinding production line consisting of B2-K1018 double wheel frame follower (cut point tracking) crankshaft grinder and a B2-6008 belt polishing machine, which can meet the high precision of crankshaft parts processing in engine manufacturing. High efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, replacing imports.
Figure 4 B2-K1018 double grinding wheel CNC follow-up crankshaft grinding machine and B2-6008 belt polishing machine
Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. is providing a transition from a single unit to a line. It has designed and developed a hydraulic loading and unloading device that adapts to the processing of the production line, which improves the automation level of the equipment. It also demonstrates the non-circular grinding technology of the North Second. The technical strength and manufacturing capability of CNC grinding and grinding technology and high-efficiency high-speed grinding technology reflect the innovation of the company's service concept.

Jiangxi Jack Machine Tool Co., Ltd. exhibited two CNC grinding machines, namely JKM8320A super high speed CBN servo CNC grinding machine and MK8260B CNC crankshaft connecting rod neck grinding machine. The former integrates modern design technology, CBN grinding wheel high-speed grinding technology and computer automatic control technology. It is the most efficient and most advanced high-end CNC machine tool for grinding camshafts of automobiles and motorcycles. It has good flexibility and high degree of automation. It can process various types of cams and journals. It is an ideal processing equipment for multi-variety and high-volume production of high-precision camshafts and eccentric shafts.
Figure 5 JKM8320A super high speed CBN servo CNC grinding machine
The machine is equipped with a truss-type robotic logistics system, which is characterized by automatic loading and unloading, on-line inspection, agility and high efficiency.

3 Application of follow-up grinding technology
As the heart of the engine, the crankshaft is one of the key components in the automotive and marine manufacturing industries. Due to the many processing steps of the crankshaft and high precision requirements, the finishing of the crankshaft parts of the engine manufacturing industry in China has always adopted the traditional grinding method: the workpiece needs multiple positioning, the main journal and the connecting rod neck are processed in two processes, requiring two It is difficult to guarantee the accuracy requirements of the bench grinder, especially by the traditional jig.

Follow-up grinding is a new type of process centralized crankshaft parts grinding method in recent years. It is a high-performance CNC system and control technology. It is used in high-precision and high-flexible grinding of crankshaft workpieces with precision technology and grinding. The product of cross-cutting and comprehensive application of cutting process. It overcomes the shortcomings of existing crankshaft grinding methods, and represents the development direction of today's crankshaft grinding methods with its high precision, high flexibility and high efficiency. The follow-up grinding technology at this exhibition has also been widely used.

Taiwan Rongguang Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited three machine tools, namely GU-35100CNC CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine, GU-3550CNC CNC shaped external cylindrical grinding machine and GT-520G CNC tool grinding machine, among which GU-35100CNC is the follower grinding machine. The application of cutting technology in the machining of camshaft parts. The main features of the machine tool are: the DD motor of the grinding wheel shaft seat is directly driven by the DD motor to achieve fast-spinning positioning without gaps, high speed and high precision; the grinding wheel shaft seat feed guide adopts optimized rectangular rail design to close the design. The concept of maximizing the processing capability of feeding high rigidity and high precision. The grinding wheel motor uses a high-efficiency, high-torque motor for high-efficiency grinding.

The GU-3550CNC CNC profiled cylindrical grinding machine (Fig. 6) is a new design for eccentric and non-circular workpiece grinding. The X-axis adopts the design of linear motor and grating ruler to realize high-speed, high-precision and gap-free feed. The C-axis adopts built-in direct drive motor design to reduce the power loss of indirect drive. With the Rexroth controller, nano-scale can be realized. Accuracy; widely used in the grinding of eccentric circles, polygons, crankshafts, camshafts and other workpieces.
Figure 6 GU-3550CNC CNC Shaped Cylindrical Grinder
The Klingberg high-precision CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine KELLENBERGER KEL-VERA UR-RS 300/750 exhibited by L. Kellenberger & Co. AG in Switzerland is also the application of the follow-up technology in machining camshaft parts. The X, Z and B axes of the machine are equipped with hydrostatic guide rails, and the workpiece head frame and the grinding wheel frame rotary torque motor are directly driven; equipped with a high-frequency internal grinding spindle and LEL-BALANCE external grinding wheel automatic balancing device. KEL-TOUCH gap control and KEL-POS active end face positioning gauge. The machine tool is equipped with a rotary grinding wheel dressing device. The rotary grinding wheel dresser mounted on the work surface can trim the outer and inner grinding wheels. The CNC system uses the latest Heidenhain GRINDplus 640 with multi-axis linkage.
Figure 7 KELLENBERGER KEL-VERA UR-RS 300/750 High Precision CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinder
There is also the B2-K1018 double-wheel frame CNC follow-up CNC crankshaft grinder of the Beijing Second Machine Tool mentioned above and the JKM8320A super high speed CBN servo CNC grinding machine of Jiangxi Jake. It can be seen that the numerically controlled grinding machine based on the principle of follow-up grinding has been widely used in the processing of crankshaft and camshaft parts.

Through CIMT 2015, we saw that the perfect combination of grinding machine and robot greatly improved the level of automation and intelligence; saw the progress in product functional configuration, design and manufacturing level; saw the efforts of Chinese machine tool manufacturers. Seeing the changes that our company has made under the new situation... At the same time, the new round of industrial revolution in the world is accelerating, and the rise of technologies such as the Internet and big data is subverting the traditional manufacturing model. Intelligent manufacturing based on the Internet is quietly emerging, and the organization and competition rules of global industrial production are undergoing major changes. This series of changes requires the development of machine tool manufacturing to adapt to the new normal of China's economic development.

With the development of the global economy, China's machine tool industry will form a market-oriented operation mode with high-quality, high-grade and high-end personalized customization as the core, with complete equipment solutions and pre-sales and after-sales linkage services. Under the background of industry 4.0 and mobile internet, the improvement and upgrading of enterprises with intelligent and industrialization is an important way for Chinese enterprises to better upgrade and develop. In the form of coexistence of opportunities and challenges, our company must do internal adjustment and integration. We need a solid and dedicated focus. It is necessary to practice internal strength and find a good point for the market. Let us join hands and work together to open a new era of "smart" in China! (Author: Beijing Second Machine Tool Plant Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiulan)

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