The fate of life is precisely because of the change, everyone wants to pursue a good fortune. Changing life is the pursuit of human nature. From the perspective of reality, Da Yikai teaches how to change the destiny from the feng shui environment--the growth of people and create miracles! If you want to succeed, you can't do without the villain; if you want to develop, you can't live without it; if you want to live for a long time, you can't live without the back.

Everyone hopes that they have a backing, because with the backing, people are more emboldened and more confident. The nobles help themselves, and the villain retreats. The advance is easy, the retreat can be kept, the life is easy and comfortable, and everything is easy. So, how do you have a solid backing? Folks believe that from the perspective of home Feng Shui, in general, as long as you have the four big backers of Feng Shui, you will naturally find your own backing in real life. This is the principle of Zhou Yizhong's "has its image must be".

First, the house is backed by mountains. This refers to the real mountains and high buildings behind the house. If there is a real mountain or a high-rise building behind the house, then the house has a backing. This means that the owner can easily meet the real life in the real life. When it is difficult, it can be smashed and smashed. Generally speaking, the back of the house must be higher than the house itself, and the lower one is not the opposite. In addition, there are four places on the back of the house. "It is not appropriate to be too high. Those who are too high are suppressed. If the mountains are too close, those who are too close are excluded. If they are too far away, those who are too close will not be able to do it; if they are not suitable, they will not be evil. .

Second, the sofa is backed up. This mainly refers to the sofa in the living room of the home. Because the living room is directly related to the development and development of the homeowner's career in the home feng shui, the sofa has a backing, which will imply that the homeowner's career can be assisted by the nobles and solidly and steadily forward. Generally speaking, there are four sofas that are not suitable for the mountains. "It is not advisable to leave blanks. The business of the empty ones is easy to lose; it is not suitable for the window, the career of the windowers is floating; it is not appropriate to rely on the mirror, the mirror is empty, the people are divorced; the most afraid of being rushed For example, the door, the road to the rush, etc., the rusher is vulnerable to the invasion of the villain.

Third, the bed is backed up. This means that at least one of the beds must have a solid wall, and if the bed has only one side against the solid wall, it must be the bed against the solid wall. In this way, the bed is called. The backing of the bed is mainly related to the health of the homeowner, the accumulation of wealth, and the feelings of the husband and wife. If the bed is not light, the house owner will have a good rest and sleep, a strange dream, a lack of energy, a lack of money, and a constant squabble. The heavy cause will hinder the cause of the homeowner and separate the husband and wife. The beds in the broad sense are mainly: the bed is not against the wall, the bed is on the door and window, the bed is seen on the beam, the bedside is spotlighted, the bedside is huge, and the bedside is mirrored.

Fourth, office backing. The backing of the office directly relates to the work efficiency, work performance, interpersonal relationship and career potential of the parties. If you have a backer, you will have the trust and support of your boss. The subordinates will support and cooperate with each other. The work will be more effective and the future will be infinite. Office has a reference to see the real wall behind the office seat, and there are three main forms of office or lack of support: one is to see the door behind the seat, the window behind the seat, the road behind the seat, the stairs after the seat, etc.; It is a dynamic object such as a fish tank placed behind it; the third is a poster, a waterfall, a river and other calligraphy.

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