The combination of black and white and gray is a timeless classic and a common color in the fashion world. For example, our common sketch is just a pencil that can depict the outline, structure, and texture of the object. The home of the sketch style is also the same, simple, atmospheric, low-key, but also a modern temperament. Come and see the Xiaozhou Home Network Xiaobian!

Sketch style home improvement

Living room: black and white ash to create a sketch style living room

The classic black and white ash is a timeless color match. The quality of life space is not changed. If you want to change the space, just add some soft decorations or furniture with patterns to make your home change. .

Sketch style home improvement

Bedroom: bedroom layout in black and white grey sketch style

More and more people are turning from the old fancy decorations to the "simple, atmospheric, low-key" style, which is like the black and white gray style of sketching, which is what these people are pursuing.

Sketch style home improvement

Casual Corner: Black and White Gray Sketch Style Casual Corner

The contrast between black and white is too strong, and gray can be used as a transition. As the designer said, gray can be a transitional color between black and white, or it can be "color."

Sketch style home improvement

Black and white piano key hook

The black and white piano keys are hooked for both storage and fun.

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