Supersonic performance double suction pump, can often replace other centrifugal pump in the field of application, and the use of efficiency and value of use will be more suitable for production. From the client's point of view, customers are generally happy to accept, as long as they have the right product to choose from, even if they cost more than normal centrifugal pumps. For the double suction pump, its wide range, customers understand the type of double suction pump will greatly help the choice of products. Double-sided water pump double suction pump type and model Daquan 1, water ring double suction pump: The following introduces several types of double suction pump: Now industrial water ring double suction pump housing equipped with eccentric impeller, which Radiation on the blade 2, the pump is filled with about half the volume of water, forming a water ring when the rotor rotates. 2, Rotary double suction pump: Rotary double suction pump is used in the field of smaller exhaust volume, the most widely used mechanical double suction pump. It can be used with other types of double suction pump as a pre-main air extraction device (such as the usual oil diffusion pump, oil booster pump, then removable centrifugal pump), can also be used alone. 3, SH double suction pump: SH double suction pump is a single stage, double suction, pump shell open centrifugal pump. For the suction to send water and physical and chemical properties similar to water. SH double suction pump head at 9 meters to 140 meters, the flow rate of 126m³ / h. The maximum liquid temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. 4, S-type double suction pump: S-type double suction pump shell to open the centrifugal pump for pumping water or other physical and chemical similar to water. The temperature of liquid to be transported shall not exceed 80 ℃. For factories, mines, urban water supply, power plants, farmland irrigation and drainage and various water conservancy projects. Through the double suction pump, water ring double suction pump, SH double suction pump, S double suction pump analysis we can generally understand that they have in common there are two blades, are in the rotor Sports equipment under exercise. The difference is that there is a slight difference in the concrete manifestation of certain parameters, which are good news for customers as they provide customers with more product choices and product experiences. Related Articles: Single-side water pump single suction pump types and models Daquan Vertical pump types and models Daquan

We could offer the follow Rubber Sheet :

Industrial Rubber Sheet: SBR, NBR, EPDM rubber sheet

Anti-slip rubber sheet: Round button,Checker,wide/fine ribbed

Livestock rubber sheet: Round dot, I pattern,Small squared, Interloc

Technical characteristics


1.Our rubber sheet has high spring and superior  insulativity with glossy surface.

2.Good mechanical and abrasion properties.
3.Reasonable resilience.
4.Good resistance to heat and weathering.
5.Flame retardant grades available. 
6.It has moderate aging properties and good adhesion to metal.
7. Excellent oil resistance, wear resistance and air tightness.


 It`s widely used in substation, power station, distributing substation and other economic fields.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Sheet

EPDM rubber sheet

Company information:

RenqiuXingcheng Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is located in the side of the Baiyang lake, our company is professional manufacturer of rubber products. We are one of the leading rubber company in china,The company is a private enterprise which is engaged in scientific research, production, sales and service and has obtained ISO 9001 certification. Our main business is producing all kinds of rubber products, including anti-skid plates, Rubber Sheet Series, Rubber Mat Series and horse mat series ect., The products are shockproof, anti-wear, anti-high and low temperature, anti-aging, oil resistant and chemical resistant in character.At present, our products have been sold at home and abroad and mainly exported to Canada, Germany, Chile, etc. We welcome domestic and foreign merchants to negotiate and cooperate with us. We are willing to join hands with old and new friends in creating a better tomorrow.  

Rubber Sheet Flooring

Rubber Sheet Flooring,Large Rubber Mats,Rubber Sheet Floor Mat,Gym Rubber Sheet

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