In recent years, on the one hand, the competition in the first and second-tier markets is very fierce, the high-end brands of furniture are numerous, the resources are expensive, the market tends to be stable and saturated, and enterprises want to make a difference in such a market, which requires several times of investment; With the development of the economy, the third and fourth-tier markets have grown rapidly. In the face of the growing third- and fourth-line market, consumer brand awareness has gradually awakened, and the original simple, low-end products can no longer meet people's needs. According to this situation, furniture companies should make rapid adjustments on the products.
Products close to the market demand of the third and fourth line Many furniture companies, especially those who take high-end European and American styles, often intentionally ignore the needs of consumers in the third and fourth-tier markets when developing new products, and believe that the development of such products will affect the image of high-end brands. In fact, such concerns are unnecessary. In today's third- and fourth-tier markets, consumers' brand awareness has been advancing with the times, and their spending power has not been in the past. Therefore, products are appropriate to the third- and fourth-tier markets and will not affect them. Its brand image, on the contrary, while continuously increasing its market share, it can also greatly enhance its brand awareness, which is a measure of fame and fortune.
Reasonable price and the appearance of products that meet the aesthetics of the group. The pursuit of mass consumption is affordable and safe. Many furniture products are slow-moving consumer goods. Therefore, when determining the price system, enterprises should follow the principle of small profits but quick turnover and let the products go more. consumer. At the same time, the low-end price does not mean inferior quality, excellent quality is the magic weapon for the product to quickly win the third- and fourth-line market; in addition, the cultural quality and aesthetic taste of consumers in third- and fourth-tier cities are not as good as first-tier cities, but Great changes have taken place in the past. In the process of consumption, people are not only satisfied with the practicality of furniture, but also pay attention to the aesthetic value and emotional value reflected by the furniture design, and hope to obtain the satisfaction and enjoyment of beauty in it.
Therefore, the design of furniture in the third- and fourth-tier cities, to "go to the local custom", to avoid too elegant and high and low, but can not be without personality, like everyone.
The strategy should sink the brand to highlight the strategic sinking of furniture companies. The fundamental reason lies in the growing consumption power of the third- and fourth-tier cities. The increase in income directly led to the growth of spending power and desire, and increased the attractiveness of the low-end market to the brand. At the same time, the perfect infrastructure has also made it possible for the furniture companies to sink. It is reported that as of 2011, China's expressways have spread to 80% of cities and towns. With the reduction of logistics costs, many home stores have also sunk, such as Red Star, Yuexing, and Real Home. The furniture company brand is sinking. In short, for various reasons, "sinking" has become the consensus of many furniture companies, but from the moment when the sinking strategy is truly launched, the test of the brand is really kicked off. Channels still need intensive cultivation. In order to become a strong brand in the third and fourth-tier markets, the focus of furniture business management lies in the process of deep marketing, the miniaturization of sales channels, and the specialization of marketing methods. How to distribute the most reasonable profit? How to let the dealers return more profits to the terminal and benefit the whole chain? In order to maximize the benefits, the sales methods can't be overstated. The big mainstream channels are important, small. The link can't be missed either. At the same time as the main profit, but also can not ignore the scattered sales. Only in this way can we achieve a great profit by maximizing profits.
Innovative communication means that consumers in the third- and fourth-tier cities have a lot of their unique slow lifestyles compared with the tense and second-tier cities. The furniture companies simply copy the first- and second-tier cities in these places. It will not achieve the desired results. Enterprises must go deeper and personally understand and discover the lifestyle habits and ways of people in these cities in order to find a suitable local communication method. For example, people in the third- and fourth-tier cities have a special liking for the square activities. Then the LED screen in the center of the square has a good advertising effect; there are wall advertisements and banner advertisements, which can still be popular in many third- and fourth-tier cities. Previously occupied by pesticides and fertilizers, now there are more operators, cars, and home appliances...
Therefore, the media is in a period of traditional and emerging interlaced integration. Coupled with the influx of brands into third- and fourth-tier cities, consumers are in the “consolidation period” of constantly trying and judging the brand. This period has given the company a brand awareness. And the best time for loyalty will largely determine the performance of the corporate brand in this market for some time to come.
The tide of urbanization has already struck, and companies can only adapt to the trend and do a good job of deformation.

V-Profile Press fitting pipeline system is widely used in cold and hot water supply, heating supply, fire protection, medicinal gas, industrial petroleum pipeline system etc.

Compared with traditional pipeline system, it`s not only more economical, safer and healthier, but also easier and faster for installation with longer service life.

press fitting classify1


1.  Press fitting range:

Coupling -- Equal coupling, Reducing coupling, Slip coupling, coupling with male/ female threads;

Elbow -- Equal elbow, Elbow 90°, Elbow 45°, Reducing elbow, Elbow with plain end, Elbow with wall plate, and Elbow with male/ female threads;

Tee -- Equal tee, Reducing tee, Tee with wall plate, and Tee with male/ female threads;

Others-- Pipe cap, Pipe Bridge and Flange connector.

2.  Material:  Stainless steel 304L, Edelstahl 1.4306/ Edelstahl 1.4301, AISI304L, Inox304L;

Stainless steel 316L, Edelstahl1.4404, AISI316L, Inox316L;                                            

Galvanized carbon steel, 1.0034C-Stahl, Kohlenstoffstahl,  ACCIAIO AL CARBONIO.

material form 

3.  Size: 3/8``-4``inch or as request,  pipe wall thickness: 1.0--2.0mm

Sizes range:

DVGW W534:1995: 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.

JIS G 3448-1980: 15.88, 22.22, 28.58, 34.00, 42.7, 48.6, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.

4.  Standard:

Press fitting standard:  (DIN) DVGW W534-1995;   (JIS) JWWA G116:2001; GB/T 19228.1-2003

Pipe standard: DIN10312:2003; GB/T 19228.2-2003

O-ring sealing standard: CEN EN 681-1:2006; GBT 19228.3-2003

5.  O-Ring Seal: "Chlorinated butyl rubber" (CIIR), EPDM, HNBR, NBR and FKM, etc.

 EPDM (black): max working pressure 16bar, working temperature from -20℃ to 120℃,  Suit medium: cold and hot water, compressed Air etc.


6.  Galvanization: all carbon steel pipe fittings are plated with rust-resistant zinc.

7.  Anneal: all stainless steel pipe fittings are annealed in inert gases before packing.


Installation and Connection Order



Equipments And Quality Control

press fitting work shop1 

                                                             Orderly Workshop                     

press fitting equipment

                                                        Efficient Anneal Equipment


press fitting pressure testing 

                                                             Pressure Testing                           

press fitting pressure testing1

                                                                   Tensile Testing


Stainless Steel V-Profile Press Fittings(JIS)

Stainless Steel V-Profile Press Fittings,Equal Tee Press Pipe Fitting,V Profile Steel Elbow Press Fitting,V Profile Female Tee Press Fitting