The first “quality gate” event unveiled at the beginning of the furniture industry in 2010 made the furniture industry in Sichuan very embarrassing. Among the unqualified furniture products on the “black list”, the number of unqualified furniture produced by Guangdong and Sichuan furniture enterprises accounted for 41.2% of all 114 unqualified products. Sichuan is a famous furniture production base in China, but the “family star” on weekdays has become a “black protagonist” in this inspection, which is both amazing and hurts the hearts of consumers. What is the reason for this "fallen"?
Causes - Uneven development of the furniture industry Chengdu, the furniture industry inspector Mr. Wang said that with the promulgation and implementation of the "Product Quality Law" and "Consumer Rights Protection Law" and other laws and regulations, as well as the "three guarantees" rules and regulations for local furniture products The introduction and implementation of the furniture industry standards have been introduced, the testing of furniture products has a standard, and the testing methods of the testing equipment for the furniture products have been improved, which can more effectively ensure the quality of the testing of furniture products. "But there are still many problems." As a senior inspector who has been in business for more than 10 years, Mr. Wang, who has worked with furniture for many years, expressed his concern. "China's furniture companies have established a standardized management system and quality management. System, but the level of development is uneven, and there is still a gap compared with developed countries in Europe and America."
Industry standards lag behind the obstacles Mr. Wang believes that the current quality problems of furniture products are due to the small scale of enterprises, the backwardness of technology and the lack of standardization of management and lack of product standards. In addition, the lag and lack of relevant standards have also caused many furniture manufacturers to “cross the river by feeling the stones”, and the quality of the products is uneven.
The reporter learned that compared with domestic standards, foreign standards are more comprehensive and detailed. For example, the "main size of bed" standard specifies the main dimensions for single-layer beds and bunk beds, and the International Organization for Standardization has developed a safety test method for children's beds, safety and test methods for residential bunk beds. Standards for flame retardancy test methods for soft furniture and cigarette butts after simulated matches.
Mr. Wang said that some of the published standards also lag significantly behind the development of the furniture industry, but they have not been revised and improved in a timely manner. Some new furniture products have not yet produced new standards, and there are no guidelines for the development of the furniture industry.
Prescription - Controlling the quality of products by standard Mr. Wang suggested that enterprises should promptly and selectively introduce international advanced standards, especially those related to safety and health, in accordance with the latest developments in international furniture industry standards, based on national standards and industry standards. On the basis of the company's product characteristics management level and process, equipment conditions to develop an enterprise standard with the characteristics of this enterprise.
At the same time, enterprises should continuously strengthen the product testing capabilities, strengthen product quality awareness, improve their product standards, and avoid product quality deviations due to differences in scale control during production.
The stone of other mountains - the high versatility of foreign furniture parts "As the birthplace of classical furniture and the cradle of modern furniture, European furniture has always been internationally famous. One of the characteristics of European furniture is that they are very interchangeable." Wang Mr. told reporters that foreign furniture parts are highly versatile and interchangeable. A table part can also be used on a chair.
In addition, due to the strict control of production precision in foreign furniture, there is no need to select when replacing parts, and no manual adjustment is required for on-site installation. However, China's disassembly and assembly of furniture needs to be more one-to-one correspondence. Most of the installations also need manual adjustment. "Troubleous operations are prone to problems."

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