PVC floor refers to the floor made of PVC material, mainly PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, and then add plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other accessories, on the substrate, coated Or calendered, extruded or extruded flooring.

PVC flooring is featured by strong decoration, fast installation, easy maintenance, environmental regeneration, wide application, comfortable foot feeling, small joints and seamless welding, and environmental protection and safety. It is a green product advocated by the country and does not contain formaldehyde and benzene. , Phenol and other harmful chemicals, ultra-low lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, but also non-radioactive, has been widely used in people's daily lives. It is currently the most common and popular floor in the floor. It is widely popular in the southeast coast and developed cities. Due to the superior performance of PVC flooring and the protection of the environment, pvc flooring in developed countries has generally replaced the ceramic tile and wooden floor, becoming a floor decoration. The preferred material.


Here we take a look at what are the pvc flooring brands, which are better for pvc flooring manufacturers.

1, pvc flooring brands Jiefu PVC flooring French brand, is currently the second largest PVC flooring production plant in Europe, the world's third largest supplier of PVC flooring. The only company in the world to produce PVC flooring materials with reinforced vinyl backings to enhance elasticity and dimensional stability

2. The PVC brand of pvc flooring is the French brand of PVC flooring. It is one of the world's largest suppliers of elastic flooring, a leading position in the PVC flooring industry, and a symbol of long-term trust of many leading construction companies in the world.

3, pvc floor brands of the Union more than the PVC floor Italian brand, for 8 consecutive times was designated as the Olympic Games and domestic and international major events and sports association floor suppliers, and for Shanghai Metro Line 1, Pudong Line, Beijing and Nanjing Metro High quality rubber floor.

4. Forbo flooring of pvc flooring The plants in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are the largest linen flooring factories in the world, with a market share of more than 60% of the linen floor.
Committed to environmental protection and provide more profound and meticulous customer service.

5, pvc floor brand Nora PVC flooring German brand, the company's nora? trademark (Nora?) As the world's most famous floor brand, has become a symbol of quality and classic, occupying the largest market share in the global market.


6, pvc floor brand Bonnie PVC floor American registration, the reputation of decorative materials elastic flooring industry well-known brands, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Asia's first medical building Xiangya Hospital designated products.

7, pvc flooring brands of Huatai PVC flooring Suzhou Huatai Plastic Co., Ltd., the plastic industry leading enterprises, with the concept of environmental protection for the purpose, is committed to the development of green plastic flooring materials, products have been best-selling Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other regions.

8, pvc flooring brands Jin Jia PVC flooring. Shanghai Jin Jia Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Main PVC floor tiles, and a number of companies established long-term relations of cooperation.

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JBL, JBT, JB-TL series specific Parallel Groove Clamp is suitable for unendure force splicing and branch on the aerial wire, being used with insulation cover, It`s action is insulation protection.
Structure feature:
â—†  Select oxidize-resistance aluminum alloy
â—†  All parts connected with each other, it can`t l;lose parts during installation.
â—†  An are embrance the most part,conductor can`t change.
 Insulation cover performance feature:
â—†  Withstand voltage: ≥ 18kV keep voltage one minute not breakdown
â—†  Insulation resistance: > 1.0x1014Ω
â—†  Environment temperature: -30℃~90℃
â—†  Weather proof performance: have good performanced after 1008 hours 

artifical climte aging test.

Parallel Groove Clamp

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