Core Tip: First of all, whether the color of the door is matched with your own home, and then tapping to determine the quality of the door. The filling in the door is generally divided into solid and partially solid, the solid filling is definitely heavy, the price is expensive, and the part is relatively light and relatively cheap.

There are also some black-hearted merchants on the market who use some scraps as fillers to increase the weight. Consumers should be careful when buying.

Second, you can consult the closeness of the staff door. That is to say, the "seal strip", which is in the contact part of the door cover and the door leaf, is soft to the touch. Regular companies will add sealing strips, which avoids the problem of a seam after closing the door.

Again, it is to ask about the material of the door cover, because most of the wooden doors have problems, mainly because the door sets have problems. The essence of the problem is that the merchant does not necessarily use the same material for the door cover and the door leaf. The solid wood door leaf does not mean that the solid wood door cover will be used. If the solid wood door is made of a MDF, since it does not contain wood fiber, it is easy to foam when it is in contact with water, which will cause the door frame to be deformed. Therefore, it is best to ask whether the door cover and the door leaf are a material at the time of purchase.

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Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant steel alloy with a minimum of 10% chromium. There are different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel produced to accommodate the environment in which the material will be implemented. Unlike carbon steel, stainless steel does not rust when exposed to air and moisture due to the sufficient amount of chromium present. The chromium creates an invisible passive film of chromium oxide that will not let oxygen attack the surface and prevents rusting of the iron base.

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