What do moms think about children's homes? Xiao Bian invites three hot moms to tell their children's furniture in the background of children of different ages.

Dafu Ma:

Both environmental protection and safety

Child age: 1 year old

"When I was pregnant, I just renovated my home. I used the easiest method. I also took a few months to taste it." Dafu Ma paid much attention to environmental issues from the very beginning. The furniture at home was made of solid wood. The properties of wood have also been screened. Considering that Dafu’s future learning involves safety issues, the selection of furniture also strictly rejects sharp edges and corners, and the safety of children is the first. Now Dafu has not yet reached the molar period, but the cot and various toys have also undergone a strict "review" by Dafu Ma. "It is related to the stage of development of the child, and try to choose some brightly colored furniture." Dafu Ma said that bright colors will attract children's attention and interest.

Tiger girl mother:

Different styles in different periods

Help temperament culture

Child age: 6 years old

The tiger girl has reached the age of school, and Hu Niu and her mother started to buy children's furniture such as desks for their children. "Before all are too cartoon, I hope the children can receive their hearts after school." Hu Niu Ma said that the original daughter's room was designed to be a dream style, she thought it would help the girl's temperament, now I want to change For the furniture and interior style of school-age children, “different treatments in different periods”. Hu Niu's furniture is brand new. After the elimination, Hu Niu's mother intends to give these furniture to friends. "It's all 80% new. It's not cheap when you buy it. It's also a good thing for other children." use."

Bean Dragon Mom:

Traditional method

Used like ordinary furniture

Child age: 11 years old

A room in the house was transformed into a bean dragon room a few years ago, and the original furniture became the basic decoration in the bean dragon room. "The bed and the cabinet are not replaced by the children coming in." Bean Long Ma said, because the child is older, and is not too worried about the safety risks of the furniture, the situation of bumps does not need to worry too much. However, for the influence of children's functional furniture on the child's physical development, Bean Dragon Ma obviously does not care. She insists on the "tradition" of "children sleeping hard bed", and thinks that many kinds of patterns may have unhealthy hidden dangers, no need Take risks for the promotion of the gimmick.

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