"If 'Da Vinci' furniture fraud is true, consumers can demand double compensation." Recently, "Yue Cheng Law Firm's first legal advisory seminar and legal advisory research center establishment ceremony" was held in Beijing, the founder of the law firm Yue Cheng In the interview with the China Economic Net reporter, I expressed this point.
Consumers can request double compensation
On July 10th, CCTV reported that "Da Vinci's high-priced furniture 'foreign brand' identity was accused of fraud." Subsequently, "Da Vinci" held a press conference to try to do crisis public relations processing. However, the "Da Vinci" general manager "The tears of the crocodile" did not exchange the sympathy of the consumers. As the report gradually deepened, the so-called "Da Vinci Code" gradually became known.
Yue Cheng said that he has also been concerned about the progress of this matter. If the investigation results of the relevant departments show that the media exposure is true, then consumers can claim double compensation according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. The criminal manufacturer shall have specific criminal or civil liability, and the law also has clear provisions.
To investigate the responsibility of counterfeiting manufacturers from various aspects, as "Da Vinci" itself has been pushed to the forefront, many "foreign brands" have also fallen into a crisis of trust. Not only the furniture industry, but also the phenomenon of fake “foreign brands”, “big money” and “selling sheep meat” are common in other industries. How to fundamentally eliminate this phenomenon has attracted public attention.
"The responsibility of the fraudulent manufacturers should be investigated from the administrative, civil, criminal and other aspects. If only the responsibility on the one hand is pursued, the effect will not be obvious." Yue Cheng believes that the economic and legal environment should also be strengthened. It is necessary for enterprises to understand that "integrity management" can be trusted by consumers and better able to develop enterprises.
Simplicity is always the virtue of the Chinese nation In the "Da Vinci" furniture fraud incident, manufacturers certainly have an unshirkable responsibility, but this is also related to some consumers blindly keen on foreign brands. The “luxury” image that is packaged in “expensive price” and “high-end positioning”, which caters to some consumers’ psychology, is not an understanding and recognition of luxury culture, nor is it a respect for creativity and quality. And just squandering and showing off.
Lawyer Yue Cheng believes that some consumers are keen on foreign brands, which is related to their hobbies and economic strength. On the one hand, consumers are deceived. Whether you have money or no money, you are equal consumers in front of the law. The law cannot be biased because you are poor or rich. On the other hand, simplicity is always the Chinese nation. Virtue, rich people must always remember simple, show off wealth is not the meaning of life.
Finally, Mr. Yue Cheng told the China Economic Net reporter that Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm, which specializes in the division of labor, is ready to provide the most professional legal consulting services for victims of the “Da Vinci” fraud incident and even other consumers.

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