What are the points to note in the office decoration design ? What are the easiest problems in office decoration design ? In this paper, we explain the basics of office decoration, and tell us about the price of office decoration.

Office decoration design points and approximate price

The basic requirements for office decoration design

The office decoration design has three levels of goals. The first level is economical and practical. On the one hand, it must meet practical requirements and bring convenience to office workers. On the other hand, it should try to lower costs and pursue the best functional cost ratio. The level is beautiful, can fully meet people's physical and psychological needs, create a pleasing good working environment; the third level is a unique taste, the office is the material carrier of corporate culture, we must strive to reflect the material culture and corporate culture Reflecting the characteristics and image of the company, it has a positive and harmonious influence on the staff who are in it. Although these three levels of goals range from low to high and from easy to difficult, they are not isolated but have close internal links. Outstanding office decoration design should strive to achieve these three goals at the same time. The most important thing in office decoration design is the style selection, which is generally popular in three styles. They are: stable, modern, and generally applicable. Therefore, the office decoration design places particular emphasis on the use of functions and space. It must allow space to maximize its use, and the office must reflect the unique culture of the company.

Problems with office decoration design

Office decoration design problem 1: mold

It usually appears on old walls or on walls that have been painted with an anti-microbial formula. It is gray and grows under sufficient moisture and moisture. Get the method: use the wall paint with anti-mold performance; remove the paint film and then wipe the wall with the moldicide solution, and dry it and paint it.

Office decoration design issue 2: blistering

Before the paint surface is completely dry, the water penetrates into the paint, causing the paint film to lose its adhesiveness and to foam on the surface. Fix method: Avoid painting in rainy season or high humidity season; use the primer of the same brand and the same product series; local blistering can be scraped individually, and smooth the edges of the scraping part after grinding Paint, then re-brushing; such as a large area to be completely scraped off, and when there is no water on the wall when the construction.

Office decoration design points and approximate price

Office decoration design problem three: color change

Walls are exposed to intense sun exposure or are contaminated with chemicals (such as alkalis). Get the method: use high quality, especially the use of special formula wall paint, can make the wall lasting color, both mildew, anti-discoloration, but also use water to wash, keep the wall clean and clean.

Office decoration design problem four: watermark

Due to moisture, it is patchy and its color is usually darker than the original color. Fix method: Make sure that the wall surface is dry before painting; if it appears on the surface of old paint, check whether there is external leakage or pipeline cracking; large-scale watermarking will affect the appearance, and the watermark source should be removed and separated, and the wall surface should be dry. Repaint.

Office decoration design issue 5: Flaking

The reason that the paint peels off is the condensation of water under the paint layer, the expansion or contraction of the surface of the paint, the moisture, dirt, grease or powder on the surface of the old paint. How to get it: Before painting, you must thoroughly clean and dry the walls and make sure that they are smooth and free of pores.

Office decoration design question 6: Blocks

Because the wall surface is not completely dry or foreign water penetrates, a white crystalline solid is formed on the paint surface. Get the method: Before painting, make sure the wall treatment has been completed for more than two weeks. If it is under construction, stop it immediately. After about two weeks, the wall surface will be dry and continue. If the paint surface has been brushed and split, you must put the paint. Fully scrape the surface to ensure that the walls are dry and repainted.

Office decoration design points and approximate price

Office decoration design price

Office office decoration companies generally charge design fees. If they are professional companies that specialize in office decoration and other public companies, the design fee will be charged.

Because such a company is very professional in the industry, and most of the designers have a certain reputation in the industry, have a certain degree of design ideas, design concepts, including design skills, and more mature, often master large-scale public assembly experience. Good designers not only provide engineering design, but also provide the user with solutions for later configuration, such as the color of the office furniture, the color of the carpet, and what style of lighting.

Some home improvement companies sometimes assume the experience of doing public installations without collecting design fees, but the effect is certainly greatly discounted!

Editor's summary: The main points and problems of the office decoration design and the price we have shared here. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to this website information, or go to this website to find more favorite products!

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