Counting the furniture in our home, there are not many furniture belonging to women. Today, the Xiaobian of Suzhou Furniture Network is going to tell you one of them - the chaise longue.

The chaise longue is a woman's exclusive furniture. It has a beautiful and exquisite curve. The sofa back is curved, the backrest and the armrest are integrated. You can sit on the cushion, or put your feet on the reclining. The sofa and the woman's body line are seamless. So it is also called "beauty depends." The chaise longue is actually a sloping chair or a recliner. Most of them only have armrests on one side, and the armrests must also have a pillow. Usually, everyone's impression of the chaise longue is the very Chinese wooden reclining chair. In fact, the chaise longue has many styles and shapes. The chaise longue is a little different from the sofa. It should be more lazy and more casual! The design of the chaise longue is to let people feel uncomfortable. Being lazy is one of the spirits of a happy life. When you get home, you should stay in a lazy spirit anytime, anywhere, and you will not live up to your hard work. The chaise longue exudes laziness and relaxation, making the home space more casual and casual, which is in line with the needs of modern urbanites.

Today, Xiaobian recommends two chaise longues for you:

Furantis European Fabric Chaise Longue

Frantis is from the hands of Italian designers. The color is novel and gives a refreshing feeling. The solid wood frame has high-grade hand-carved flowers, hand-crafted and exquisite, showing a rich artistic atmosphere.

Jin Fuli European solid wood JB-2028 chaise longue

On the basis of the original innovative classicism, Jin Fuli Furniture draws on the cultural characteristics of the European cultural renaissance period. It is a home with more sense of history, luxury and value. It is classic and not easy to be outdated.

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