Many consumers who decorate their houses for their parents have found that there are many building materials for children in the market, but it is difficult to find building materials for the elderly. Individual cork flooring, smart toilets, smart bathtubs and functional mattresses are also suitable for the elderly. But there is no product tailored for the elderly. China is one of the developing countries that entered the aging society earlier, but the products currently launched for the elderly in the home market are still in their infancy. At the same time, the elderly also have a lot of doorways for the purchase of home. How do furniture and building materials companies view this market? What kind of household items do older people need most? This week, Beijing Morning Post (microblogging) reporters conducted an investigation.

Older furniture development needs to be properly guided

Nowadays, in the current market segmentation, the internal settings of the home store are becoming more and more considerate. Some of them are suitable for small or large-sized furniture according to the characteristics of the apartment, and some are divided into children's furniture, single youth furniture and furniture used by couples according to age... However, when reporters visited the major home stores in Beijing, they found that in addition to some wicker chairs The rocking chair has a signboard suitable for the elderly, and almost no furniture is specially set for the elderly. At present, the furniture that is well done on the market is only a rough classification of the products according to the degree of softness and hardness. There is no tailor-made facilities for the elderly. It is impossible to take care of whether the products are suitable for the elderly.

For why there is no furniture manufacturer to develop furniture for the elderly now, Zhu Guangyu, vice president of Peking's furniture marketing, told the Beijing Morning Post that this situation is related to China's living conditions: “Why is there a special old-age furniture abroad? Because of the comparison of foreign housing problems Easy to solve, the price of the house is relatively low, the cost for purchasing the house is relatively reduced, and the living area is increased. Under such circumstances, the elderly will care about the furniture problem. In China, spend on the house. After going to a lot of money, many old people will feel that they can save a little on the furniture, and the furniture that adults can use. If there is a disabled elderly person, many simply replace it with a medical bed. From the manufacturer's point of view, the housing problem is not solved, and the elderly furniture will not have much market."

Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that most furniture producers now only pay attention to the psychology and preferences of young impulsive consumers, but they ignore the consumption power of the elderly around them, and the elderly household products cannot quickly produce economic benefits. Also let many furniture manufacturers not to develop. He believes that if this market is excavated, it will open another door for profit for furniture companies: "There is a gap in the elderly home market, not without demand, but the industry has not properly guided."

Building materials should also be suitable for the elderly

Older people are different from children. Because of the inability to make meals and legs and feet, the elderly need not only suitable products for furniture, but also for building materials such as bathrooms and cabinets.

The data shows that toilets are the safest place in the home. Research data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirm that approximately 235,000 people in the United States are sent to the emergency room each year in the toilet. In our country, toilets are also the most frequent “access” for emergency personnel. Therefore, it is best to make "elderly" sanitary products. Qi Jiaming, president of Kohler Sanitary Asia Pacific, believes that there are no differences in the products of many Chinese families. He said that when bathing, it is very dangerous for the elderly, so Kohler has a lot of design from the washbasin to the bathtub to the shower to meet the needs of the elderly. In addition, many bathroom brands such as Wrigley and Faenza have launched smart toilets. For elderly people, going to the toilet is a very difficult task, especially for elderly people with severe cardiovascular disease. It is a potential danger to swab or force bowel movements when going to the toilet. The intelligent toilet has a warm water rinse and a warm air drying function to make the elderly more convenient and healthy.

In addition to the bathroom, the setting of the kitchen cabinet for the elderly also needs attention. Yao Gang, deputy director of the European cabinet, said that the elderly must choose to follow the ergonomic products when choosing cabinets. “The cabinets for the elderly are suitable for swing doors or open cabinets, and make full use of the middle layer and drawer settings to reduce excessive bending and rework.” At the same time, he believes that the cabinet handles are suitable for setting dark handles and edges. To be less, once the old man falls in the kitchen, you can reduce too much damage.

The lighting of the old man needs warmth

In life, many old people will encounter a problem, the age is large, and the number of nights will increase every night. Many old people need to go up to 2 times to 3 times a night, but there are no dim night lights in the bedroom, no lights, bad eyes, and can't see clearly; if you turn on the lights, you will have to sleep after lying back on the bed. In addition, for the elderly, reading is an activity that relies heavily on visual system conditions, and lighting is a factor that affects reading ability and reading pleasure. After retirement, a considerable number of older people use reading and writing as part of their daily lives. It can be seen from the above two points that lamps have become a vital point in the lives of the elderly.

Su Hongmei, the manager of the Bright House Lighting City, told the Beijing Morning Post that the elderly did not care about the appearance of the lamps as young people. Simple and practical is their guideline. For the elderly, LED nightlights that are convenient for the night are the most popular products. "This kind of night light line is soft, it will not affect sleep, and it costs almost no electricity, which greatly facilitates the need for the elderly to light up at night." If there is an elderly person who is particularly sensitive to light in sleep, I think that LED night light will affect sleep. She suggested switching to a soft bedside lamp. “It is best to use a lamp with an adjustment switch for bedside lamps. Reading is suitable for brightening. When watching TV, you can dim the point. Just turn on a light when you are at night.”

Mr. He Yaowen, the general manager of Kamaiqi Lighting, believes that the lighting of the elderly room should be warmer, which will make the room very warm; the light source should not be too complicated, the light contrasting light or the bright color will make the elderly feel uncomfortable and easily cause the emotion of the elderly. fluctuation.

Safety must be considered when renovating

In fact, from the time of renovation, the elderly have different needs from young people. When the elderly report on a safety incident at home alone, there are many problems that need to be considered during the renovation to reduce the risk of danger.

Liu Jiaxu, a researcher at the current decoration, said in an interview with the Beijing Morning Post that safety and environmental protection are the most needed for the elderly in the decoration. “If the processing on the line, from the perspective of style or safety, the smooth lines make the old man's vision look smoother and more comfortable when touched. There is also a need to emphasize the flatness of the ground, whether it is Walk or wheelchair, be sure not to be tripped over by the bumps." She also said that the elderly bathroom is best not to install a bathtub, the bathtub for the elderly is too dangerous.

She also said that there are very few elderly people who are now required to install smart homes, but with the development of smart homes and proper guidance in the future, the proportion of smart homes installed during renovations may increase.

The article was reported by Chengdu Furniture Editor

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