Rosewood is a very popular piece of furniture. Burmese rosewood is the most popular in rosewood, so what is the price of the latest Burmese rosewood table in 2017 ? The price is for reference only. Let’s go and see it with Xiaobian.

Burmese rosewood dining table - round dining table

The round dining table is a style in the Burmese rosewood dining table. The unique and extravagant modern Chinese solid wood furniture is depicting gorgeous makeup, just like the modern passion encounters the traditional Chinese style, and feels the luxury brought by modern Chinese style; This Burmese rosewood dining table is classic yet stylish and innovative. The unique combination makes use of every space, natural color, refined atmosphere, like the beauty after dyeing, the pleasant and quiet color expresses the gorgeous effect, the style appears Then the poetry and paintings; large-area tabletop, wide and wide, the desktop is smooth and smooth, the wood grain is delicate and oily, making the whole table elegant and noble.

Gaoju Ming made mahogany round table large fruit rosewood mahogany furniture mahogany dining table Burmese rosewood Chinese table price: 38900.00

Burmese rosewood dining table - rectangular dining table

The Burmese rosewood dining table has a round shape and a rectangular shape. This rectangular Burmese rosewood dining table is decorated with Chinese style and interior architecture design style of Chinese classical architecture represented by the palace building. It is magnificent and magnificent; the whole table is adopted. Pure solid wood hand-finished carving, the details of the treatment is quite exquisite, reflecting the appreciation and collection value of mahogany furniture; the top craftsmanship creates luxury and exquisiteness, the atmosphere is thoroughly swayed, and the perfect classical Chinese style is realized; the wooden texture is clear and natural, and can reflect the rectangle. The texture of the Burmese rosewood dining table, combined with solid wood carving, is hard and steady.

Minghua mahogany dining table Burmese rosewood furniture Chinese solid wood rectangular dining table dining table and chair combination price: 23000.00

Burmese rosewood dining table - square dining table

The upscale square Burmese rosewood dining table has a collection value from ancient times to the present, with fine wood grain, elegant and exquisite, highlighting the beauty of the classics; through the classics of the years, the culture is integrated into life, the antique humanistic atmosphere is amazing. Convinced; adhering to the traditional culture, interpretation of the classic and modern fit, the pursuit of exquisite life, taste low-key luxury! The quaint and delicate craftsmanship of the entire Burmese rosewood table brings a natural texture. The bat pattern carving process means that the land is blessed and auspicious; the thick and solid solid wood table legs ensure a good bearing capacity and solid stability. The carving on the drawer surface echoes the whole, making the whole table more perfect.

Rosewood solid wood dining table and chair combination Chinese antique mahogany copper money eight fairy table Hedgehog rosewood dinner table price: 9000.00

The latest Burmese rosewood table price in 2017 will be introduced here first. If you want to know more about the price of Burmese rosewood table, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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