Enterprise Security Management Basic Accounting Instructions
       1. This account is used as a model for the basic account of enterprise safety management. It guides the responsible persons and safety management personnel of the company to do daily safety management work and leave traces of safety management.
       2. The terms and forms involved in this account are the most basic requirements for the daily security management account information of the enterprise, and also the account information that the enterprise security management personnel must understand and must perform daily security management.
       3. This account is used by the person in charge of the enterprise, safety management personnel and special equipment maintenance management personnel.
       4. This account divides the most basic account information of the daily security management of the enterprise into eight folders. The enterprise can refer to the contents of the eight folders to establish a security management account. In the future, the security supervision office will target these eight folders. The establishment and improvement of the content carries out the daily security inspection of the enterprise security management account information.
       5. The safety production situation and the difficulty of safety management are different. The terms and forms involved in this account cannot cover all the information of the safety management account. The enterprise safety management personnel should be based on the safety production characteristics of the enterprise. On the basis of the account, the bank account information that is suitable for the safety management of the enterprise is gradually established.
       6. The enterprise safety management personnel should be responsible and responsible for the timely update of the safety management account information to ensure that the enterprise safety management standards are in order.
Enterprise security management basic account

       Folder 1: Safety Production Responsibility
       First, the business license
       Account information: a copy of the business license and a copy;
       Second, safety production license (critical enterprise)
       Account information: copy of safety production license
       3. Relevant licenses for special industries to be handled in accordance with the law
       Account information: a copy of the relevant licenses for special industries in accordance with the law
       4. Safety production responsibility system
       Account information: 1 Safety production responsibility system at all levels and departments of the enterprise; 2 Job responsibility system for operators
       Requirements: The enterprise shall formulate a safety production responsibility system at all levels (manager, deputy manager, workshop director, team leader, etc.) and various functional departments (security department, technical department, finance department, etc.).
       V. Safety Production Responsibility
       Account Information: Safety Production Responsibility
       Requirements: 1 The enterprise shall prepare a safety production responsibility letter at the beginning of each year and sign it at the same level; 2 the safety production responsibility book shall be signed once a year; 3 the first responsible person of enterprise safety production and the person in charge at all levels and departments,        Each department and the employees of the department signed a safety production responsibility letter.

       Folder 2: Safety Management Rules and Regulations
       First, the safety production management network
       Account Information: Safety Production Management Network Diagram
       Requirements: 1 The enterprise shall establish a network diagram of the enterprise safety management system; 2 the network diagram of the safety management system shall be on the wall;
       Second, safety production rules and regulations
       Account information: enterprise safety production rules and regulations
       Requirements: The basic safety production rules and regulations of the enterprise include safety production education and training system, safety production inspection system, accident hidden danger investigation system, safety production input guarantee system, production and operation place, safety facilities and equipment management system with large risk factors, and danger. Operation management system, occupational safety and health system, labor protection equipment allocation and management system, safety production reward and punishment system, safety production accident report and handling system.
       Third, safety production operation procedures
       Account information: Enterprise safety production operation procedures
       Requirements: 1 Each enterprise shall formulate corresponding operating procedures according to the position setting and production situation of the enterprise; 2 the operating procedures shall be archived and put on the wall.

       Folder 3: Safety Production Management
       First, the safety production meeting
       Account information: 1 safety production meeting sign-in form; 2 safety production meeting record form
       Requirements: 1 Enterprises should hold regular safety production meetings (at least once in January); 2 participants must sign in person and not sign on behalf of them; 3 safety production meeting records should be recorded on time to ensure that each safety production meeting has a record account .
       Second, special equipment safety management
       (1) Registration and periodic inspection of special equipment
       Account information: 1 special equipment registration certification materials; 2 special equipment periodic inspection report
       Requirements: 1 Special equipment must be reported to the town safety supervision bureau for filing before use, and can be put into use after registration; 2 Enterprises should master the special equipment inspection cycle and regularly declare and inspect the special equipment in use.
       (2) Safety management of special equipment
       Account information: 1 special equipment registration summary table; 2 special equipment random data; 3 special equipment periodic inspection and maintenance table (boiler use periodic inspection table, pressure vessel use periodic inspection table, elevator usage regular inspection table, lifting equipment Regular use checklist, regular checklist of use of motor vehicles in the field (plant)
Requirements: 1 The enterprise should summarize the special equipment of the enterprise and master the use of special equipment in real time; 2 The enterprise should establish a separate management account for each special equipment, including special equipment registration certification materials, special equipment periodic inspection reports, Special equipment random data (provided by the manufacturer), special equipment daily maintenance records; 3 enterprises should do the daily maintenance of special equipment, carry out safety inspection of special equipment, and record the account in time;

       Third, the fire, power and electricity work tickets
       Account information: 1 hot work ticket; 2 power work ticket
       Requirements: In the workplace where there is danger of explosion, fire, or major hazard, the fire and power should be executed, and the approval system for the fire and power should be carried out, and the operation should be carried out, preventive measures should be taken, and special personnel should be supervised.
       Fourth, the safety reward and punishment account
       Account information: safety production reward and punishment management account

       Folder 4: Occupational Safety and Health Account
       First, labor protection supplies management
       Account information: labor protection supplies issue record
       Requirements: 1 Enterprises should issue labor protection articles according to regulations; 2 Enterprises should make records of the distribution of labor protection articles, so that they can keep track of the distribution of labor protection products in real time.
       Second, occupational safety and health accounts
       Account information: Occupational hazard health checklist for employees
       Requirements: 1 The enterprise shall conduct health check on the employees before they engage in occupational hazards, conduct regular health checks on the employees during occupational hazards, and conduct health checks on the employees when they end occupational hazards; 2 The health checklist is fully copied as a health record of the employee; 3 the employee health file is filed for life.

       Folder 5: Safety Education Training
       I. Safety Education Training Program
       Account information: 1 safety education training schedule; 2 safety education training record
       Requirements: The enterprise shall formulate its annual safety education and training plan at the beginning of the year, conduct safety education and training for employees as planned, and establish this year's education and training files.
       Second, the security management staff account
       Account information: 1 safety management personnel roster; 2 main responsible person, responsible person in charge of safety, safety officer, copy of certificate of dangerous chemicals warehouse clerk
       Requirements: 1 The main person in charge of the enterprise, the responsible person in charge of safety, the safety officer, and the warehousekeeper of the hazardous chemicals warehouse must participate in the qualification training before they can engage in the corresponding production and operation activities; 2 The employees of the enterprise with more than 50 employees shall be equipped with full-time requirements. Safety production management personnel 3 safety management personnel should participate in recurrent training in time to ensure that the documents are within the validity period.
       Third, the management of special operations personnel
       Account information: 1 special operation personnel roster; 2 copy of special operation personnel documents
       Requirements: 1 Personnel engaged in special operations must participate in qualification training before they can be employed; 2 Special operations personnel must regularly review the operation documents of special operations to ensure that the documents are valid.
       Fourth, the "three-level" safety education for employees
       Account information: three-level security education card for employees
       Requirements: 1 The company shall carry out “three-level” (company-level, workshop-level, team-level) safety education for new recruits, and establish education and training files for employees; 2 Personnel who do not pass the “three-level” safety education shall not be employed.
       V. "Four new" education and training
       Account Information: Safety Education Training Record
       Requirements: 1 Enterprises adopting new technology, new technology, new materials or using new equipment, must provide special education and training for employees; 2 attending safety education and training personnel must sign in person on the spot and save as security education training account data; 3 Record safety education and training content in a timely manner and save it.

       Folder 6: Security check and accident hazard troubleshooting
       First, security check
       Account information: 1 security checklist; 2 rectification feedback form
       Requirements: 1 The company should carry out safety inspections on a regular basis (at least once a month); 2 the inspectors must sign in person and not sign on behalf of them; 3 after the safety inspection is completed, fill in the safety checklist, and the original safety checklist is retained by the safety management department, copy According to the number of responsible departments (persons) in the checklist, it shall be distributed to the responsible person or its responsible department; 4 the responsible person or responsible person of the responsible department shall fill in the rectification feedback form after the rectification is completed, and the original shall be retained by the responsible department and the copy shall be submitted to the safety department. The management department; 5 security management department receives the rectification feedback form and organizes the review. After the review is completed and signed, the safety checklist is archived together with the rectification feedback form submitted by each responsible department as the security check account information.
       Second, major accidents
       Account information: 1 major accident hidden danger record; 2 major accident hidden danger emergency plan
       Requirements: 1 Regularly carry out safety inspections and find out the hidden dangers of major accidents; 2 When rectification or failure to carry out rectification in time, detailed rectification plan and safety monitoring and management measures shall be formulated to ensure that no accidents occur; In addition to the temporary measures to reduce the degree of hidden dangers, a major emergency plan should be formulated.

       Folder 7: Emergency Rescue Plan and Emergency Drill
       Account information: 1 emergency plan; 2 emergency plan education and training plan; 3 emergency plan education training table; 4 emergency plan drill record table; 5 emergency plan drill evaluation report
       Requirements: 1 The enterprise shall formulate and implement the emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents of the enterprise; 2 the emergency rescue plan shall be drilled at least once a year; 3 the participants shall be organized for training and training before the emergency plan drill, and the drills shall be carried out after the exercise. Evaluate, prepare an assessment report, and make necessary revisions to the emergency response plan.

       Folder eight: accident investigation processing account
       Account information: 1 scene survey, investigation of the situation record, photos, injury report or diagnosis, surgical certificate (copy); 2 accident analysis will record; 3 accident registration form.

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