The concrete strength of the grass-roots level shall be higher than C25, the water-cement ratio shall be controlled below 0.50, the difference between the concrete fall-out shall be controlled within 70-100mm, and the concrete mixture shall minimize segregation and control the bleeding.
In order to ensure that the concrete mixture has sufficient fluidity and conducive to construction, it is recommended that concrete be added with proper additives.
Base concrete should be poured and tamped with reference to the standard of fine concrete. Attention should be paid to accurate dimensions and to reduce laitance production.
The hardener surface is preferably constructed at the same time as the concrete structure layer. For example, the leveling layer concrete should be fine-grained concrete with a thickness of not less than 50mm, and a telescopic reinforcement mesh should be considered.
Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the concrete construction block of the grass-roots level to ensure that the concrete at the site is vibrated and compacted, and additional strengthening treatment should be taken.

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