Abstract In 2016, the world economy and the black swan flew together - Europe was self-sufficient under the prevalence of refugee crisis and populism, the United Kingdom knocked out the hammer for "Brexit," and the United States ushered in the biggest anti-. .
In 2016, the world economy and the black swan flew together - Europe was self-sufficient under the prevalence of refugee crisis and populism, the United Kingdom knocked out the hammer for "Brexit," and the United States ushered in the largest anti-establishment president in history. Trump. So in 2017, the world is eagerly watching the market after the black swan settles, and the first meeting between China and the United States, the two largest economies in the world, has become a diplomatic event with a weather vane.
At the invitation of Trump, President Xi Jinping will meet with Trump on the 6th to 7th of next month, at the location of Trump's private home in Haihu, Florida, in Palm Beach, Florida. It can be seen that the choice of this meeting place is actually quite stressful. Yan Daming, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the United States, pointed out that manor diplomacy is an important part of the US presidential politics and one of the highest forms of US diplomatic norms, which helps personal communication between the leaders of the two countries. The location was chosen in Trump's private residence, which also reflected the strengthening of personal relationships.
In this manor known as "the most high-profile social circle in the United States," the "Site Club" is expected to explore the future direction of Sino-US relations in a relaxed atmosphere like a resort. CNN said that the meeting coincided with an increasingly tense situation in East Asia, especially the "North Korean nuclear threat is growing", and the South China Sea issue may also appear on the agenda of the meeting. White House spokesman Spieser said at a press conference on the 13th of this month that one of the purposes of the meeting was to help alleviate the North Korean nuclear issue and the recent tensions in the deployment of the "Sade" anti-missile system in South Korea.
According to the analysis, the US-China summit in April will be a new sign of stabilization of bilateral relations. In recent times, Trump’s attitude in dealing with Sino-US relations has been significantly adjusted compared with the previous one: the original statement that China is a currency manipulator has not appeared; in February, when Trump and Xi Jinping were on the phone It shows that the US respects the one-China policy. These changes have made many people who are worried about the direction of US-China relations feel a little relieved.
In fact, as early as the 18th of this month, US Secretary of State Tillerson has already "explored the way" for Trump's visit. On the same day, Tillerson said in an exclusive interview on the Independent Magazine Review website that Beijing and Washington are currently studying the issue of determining the direction of Sino-US relations in the next 50 years. The current Sino-US relationship requires "more talks between the leaders of the two countries." ", demanding "more attention from both sides" to each other's priority considerations and efforts. In addition, Tillerson said that the nature of the relationship between Beijing and Washington should not be determined on the basis of one or several important issues: "I think the North Korean issue should be put aside."
Trump’s attitude towards Sino-US relations has been adjusted in such a way that he can see his transformation from the image of anti-traditional businessmen in the past. It is worth mentioning that before Trump took office, Obama warned that it is no better than ruling the country to do business. "Do not use the family business to handle the White House." In a word, Trump has been able to say that he has been arrogant since he took office: after the judicial suspension of the presidential executive order for the temporary ban on refugees from the world and the entry of some national citizens, the failure of the health care reform bill last Friday meant Trump. The government’s efforts to fulfill its campaign promises and implement the “New Deal” are once again frustrated – behind this, in addition to the confrontation between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the United States, it is more likely to see the expansion of the internal rift within the Republican Party – this is a frequent questioning of Trump’s internal party Not open.
Now Trump is gradually beginning to close up "personality" and seek "commonness". Whether it is for itself or diplomacy, it will be a mature transformation. People are of course more willing to be optimistic about the meeting between the Chinese and American leaders. After all, only a few months after the US president took office, the Chinese dollar held its first meeting, which is also very rare in the diplomatic history of the two countries.

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