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Compared with the electrical fire alarm system, the fire power monitoring system may not be particularly familiar with. Before introducing the difference between the two, quietly first introduce what is the fire power monitoring system.

Fire Power Monitoring System Introduction


The fire equipment power monitoring system monitors the power of the fire equipment in real time. By detecting the current, voltage value, and switching quantity of the fire equipment power supply, the power equipment can determine whether there is open circuit, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, over current, and Faults, faults, faults, overloads and other faults are monitored and recorded. In this way, it is possible to effectively avoid the situation where the fire-fighting equipment is not available when the fire occurs, and to maximize the safety of the fire-fighting linkage system.


1. GB25506--2010 "General technical conditions for fire control room" No. 5.7 put forward clear technical requirements for the fire power monitoring system.

2. China in 2012 August 1 began GB28184 - 2011 "Fire Power Equipment Monitoring System" product standards.

3.GB50116 - 2013 "automatic fire alarm system design specifications" in the system for fire control room is equipped to make specific demands.

System composition

Fire Power monitoring system consists of some or all fire fighting equipment device power status monitor, voltage sensor, the voltage \ current sensors and other components.

Fire Equipment Power Status Monitor

1. Receiving and displaying the working status of the monitored fire-fighting equipment power supply

2 , can monitor and connect the open circuit between the sensor and module, short circuit phenomenon

3 , can monitor the working status of its own power supply

4 , when the fault occurs when the sound and light alarm signal. With self-testing, printing, communications, networking and other functions. You can use iFire Fire Bao and other information software, you can understand the fault situation.

Voltage sensor

When the detected voltage value is higher than 110% of rated voltage or the rated voltage of less than 85%, the alarm

current sensor

Set overload current, alarm when exceeding limit


1 , fire hydrant ( fire gun ) system, automatic sprinkler system, water spray (water mist) fire extinguishing system, rain sprinkler system (pump water supply method)

2 , foam fire extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguishing system, gas fire extinguishing system

3 , smoke and smoke exhaust system, fire doors and shutter systems

4 , fire elevators, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicator system

5 , fire-fighting equipment emergency power supply ( EPS ), fire-fighting equipment DC power supply and other fire-fighting equipment need to use fire-fighting power monitoring system

Difference between fire power monitoring system and electrical fire alarm system

Different settings

Electrical fire alarm system

Mainly to pre-alarm for electrical fire due to cable leakage and short circuit.

Fire equipment power monitoring system

It is to prevent the fire equipment from working properly in the event of a fire

Detection position is different

See the figure below. The left is the location of the electrical fire alarm system. The right is the location of the fire power monitoring system.

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