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"There are many kinds and names of solid wood flooring. How to distinguish between good and bad quality? Is it better to have a better board?" Mr. Guo, the owner, recently raised such a question. In response to this question, Manager Wang of a home improvement and supervision company introduced that the name of the tree species on the market is indeed rather confusing, ranging from wood-colored birch to extremely dark rosewood. The wooden floor of the same color can also be made of different types of wood, and the price varies depending on the degree of its preciousness. The price is as low as 100 pieces/square meter, while the high price is as high as thousands. It is not imported. The material is better than the domestic material. When the floor owner is relatively high, the best choice is not to fear the dried tree species.

Solid wood flooring is a floor decoration material formed by drying and processing natural wood. The natural wood texture and color pattern it presents gives a natural, soft and rich texture. At the same time, it has the features of cool in winter, cool in summer, and good touch, making it an ideal material for floor decoration in bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms. However, the requirements for paving the solid wood flooring are high. Once the paving is not done well, it will cause a series of problems, such as sound and so on. If the indoor environment is too humid or dry, the solid wood floor is prone to arching, warping or deforming. Paving and oiling are often required after paving, otherwise the gloss of the floor surface will soon disappear.

You don’t have to blindly pursue precious varieties

Manager Wang said that one of the criteria for choosing building materials is to choose the right one, not to choose expensive ones. Everyone should choose wood according to their economic situation. The price of birch, beech, etc. is low or moderate, and the precious varieties like teakwood and rosewood are expensive. Because the hardwood flooring wood sold in the market can meet the requirements in terms of hardness and craftsmanship, it is not necessary to blindly pursue the selection of precious species of wood.茚Large wood, heavy ant wood, iron wire, iron linden wood, heavy yellow chariot double, and so on are more commonly used materials, try to choose the commonly used materials in the purchase, not because of color, price and other factors to another way to choose not commonly used The material to avoid floor cracking, shrinkage and other issues.

Observe the paint surface can not be too picky color difference

As more and more consumers use solid wood flooring to decorate their homes, there will inevitably be shoddy and false imitations on the market. To this end, Mr. Wang suggested that the following points can be referenced in the purchase of solid wood flooring:

1. Select the quality of the board surface and the paint surface to observe the accuracy of the wooden floor. The key to look at the finish is the smoothness of the paint film, no bubbles, paint leakage, and abrasion resistance. General wood floor can be removed out of the box after about 10 freehand assembly, observe the enterprise mouth bite, assembly gap, the difference between the adjacent plate height, if tightly jointed, feel no significant height difference can be.

2, check the defects of the substrate. First check whether the same species, whether mixed species, whether the floor dead, live, cracking, decay, bacteria and other defects. As for the color difference of the floor, since the wooden floor is a natural wood product, there are objectively chromatic aberrations and uneven patterns, which cannot be avoided. And the feeling of returning to nature after paving the solid wood floor is in its natural color and pattern. If it is excessively pursuing the floor without chromatic aberration, it is unreasonable, as long as it is slightly adjusted during paving.

3, measuring the moisture content of the floor. National standards stipulate that the moisture content of wood floors is 8%-13%. In fact, our country has a vast territory and different regions have different moisture content requirements. Distributors of general wood floors should have moisture content meters. If they do not, they will not pay attention to this technical index of water content. At the time of purchase, the moisture content of the wooden floor selected in the exhibition hall shall be measured first, and then the moisture content of the wooden flooring of the same species and the same specifications of the unopened packaging shall be measured. If the difference is +2%, the moisture content may be considered as qualified.

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Molecular formula: C3H2Br2N2O

Molecular weight:242
CAS NO.: 10222-01-2

Chemical Name: 2,2 Dibromo 3 Nitrilopropionamide, DBNPA


It is a kind of Water Treatment Material . Biocides in broad spectrum. It is widely used in industrial circulating water system, large air-condition and the large center of sewage treatment to eliminate microorganism and alga and shuck off clay. It is also used in the process of paper making to prevent reducing quality of paper by generation of microorganism. It is suitable for metal cutting of cooling liquor, recovery system of oil, latex and ply-woods as anti-spy biocides. It has following advantages: Easy to handle. No unusual oxidation hazards. Similar performance and safety in paper and oilfield applications. Used for slime control in the wet-end of the paper mill and performs exceptionally well against slime-forming bacteria. DBNPA has exhibited outstanding efficacy against in bio-films and against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungus and yeasts.


DBNPA series products are used in the short-term preservation of coatings and coating additives such as latex, starch and mineral slurries. DBNPA is a fast-acting/quick-kill biocide that is broad-spectrum, and does not contain or release formaldehyde.

It is a kind of Water Treatment Material, similar to TTA Tolyltriazole , Isothiazolinones Bactericid, Anthracite Filter Material,  Garnet Filter Material ,  Polyaluminum Chloride PAC and PAM Polyacrylamide Flocculant.


DBNPA Specifications


Technical Index


White Crystal Powder.



Melting Point


pH(1% aqueous solution)




35% DEG solubility

No insoluble substance


25kg/500kg Bag, 25kg/50kg Drum

Shelf life

2 years


 DBNPA 20% Solution:


Technical  Index


Transparent or Light yellow liquid









Shelf life

6 Months 



In plastic bag or kraft carton.

DBNPA 2,2 Dibromo 3 Nitrilopropionamide

DBNPA 2,2 Dibromo 3 Nitrilopropionamide

Water Treatment Chemical,Dbnpa 2,2 Dibromo 3 Nitrilopropionamide,Water Treatment Chemical Dbnpa,2 Dibromo 3 Nitrilopropionamide

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