In the renovation of new houses, hydropower reform is a big project. Hydroelectric reform can be said to be the most important, and it is also a project that can easily go wrong. The hydropower reform means that according to the decoration configuration, family population, living habits, and aesthetic concepts. The waterway used by the original developer, and the renovation of the circuit in whole or in part. If you do not pay attention to the decoration, it is easy to bring a lot of trouble to the future life. Because hydropower reform plays an important role in our lives, and these hydropower reforms are often called hidden projects, they are hidden. If there are problems after the renovation, it will be a very sorry thing. Here's something, let's take a look at the new house's hydropower transformation precautions .

The following is a brief introduction of the hydropower transformation precautions:

Waterway modification note:

1, the water pipe as far as possible to go wall;

2. PPR pipes for water pipes, red hot water pipes for the pipelines, and cold water pipes for the baskets;

3, PPR water pipe specifications: water pipes in accordance with the size of the inner diameter can be divided into 20mm, 25mm and 32mm, of which 20mm is relatively small, commonly known as 4 in charge of, 25mm is commonly known as the 6 in charge (home improvement pipe is recommended to use 6 in charge), 32mm It is generally used for households; according to the wall thickness, it can be divided into 2.8mm and 4.2mm, 2.8 is the cold water pipe, 4.2 is the hot water pipe, generally we are using 4.2mm thick;

4, hot and cold water pipes should be left hot right cold, hot and cold water joints spacing of 15cm, 1-1.200m from the ground. The height of the upper flap washing machine outlet is 1.2M. Basin, vegetable basin water outlet height 45-55cm;

5, if there is natural gas supply, preferred gas water heater, available for kitchen or bath water. If it is far away from the water heater, consider installing kitchen treasure separately;

6, water to change the top must be fixed with a metal tube card, spacing can not be greater than 60CM;

7, the shower outlet is left hot right cold, the hot and cold water space is 15CM, the water outlet plane must guarantee the level;

8, hydropower route can not be in the same tank;

Circuit Modification Notes:

1. The installation position and quantity of switches and sockets should be carefully considered when wiring. The principle is that it should not be less;

2. Under normal circumstances, the zero line is blue, the fire line is red, and the ground line is a yellow-green two-color line;

3. The cross section of each residential house entrance line should not be less than 10 square millimeters. This way, for ordinary families, the lamps and lanterns use 1.5 square millimeter lines, and the switches, sockets, and grounding lines can be used for 2.5 square millimeters, and for installing air conditioners, etc. Lines of high-power electrical appliances should go on a single 4-square-mm line. For the entire line, the number of branch circuits should not be too small. Generally, the lights should go all the way, air conditioners go two ways, and outlets go three to four ways. The advantage of doing so is that once a circuit has a short circuit or other problem, the scope of power outage is small, and it will not affect the normal operation of other circuits.

4. The height of switches or sockets in the same room must be the same. Generally, the switch is 1.4 meters away from the floor and 15 to 20 cm away from the door frame. 30cm from the socket is appropriate. The air conditioning hook socket is more than 2 meters above the ground, and the cabinet socket is 30cm above the ground. The kitchen socket is 1 meter off the floor (the height of the kitchen cabinet is about 80cm). Sockets on the countertop: such as bedside cabinets, vanity units, kitchens, etc., the bottom of the outlet should be 10cm from the countertop. Bedside double switch height of about 85cm; wall TV power height is determined based on the size of space and TV size, the general height of 1000-1200MM;

5, strong and weak electricity need to be elastic slotted, separate laying (the spacing of strong and weak electricity should be in 30-50 cm), and use cold bending pipe threading (cold elbow pipe to use the elbow tool, arc should be the diameter of the line pipe 10 Times, so that threading or stitching can be successful;

6. The principle of hydropower construction is that if you go to the top and you don’t go to the top, you can’t walk away. Consider taking the wall and the wall can’t go before considering the ground. The top line is inside the ceiling or plaster line, which is easy to overhaul. Walking away from the wall is afraid of damaging the concrete layer and even reinforcing steel bars, and avoids large-area lateral grooving, fearing that the bearing capacity of the wall will be affected. Go to the ground, lift the floor when overhauling;

7. In the process of wiring, follow the principle of “hot line into switch, zero line into the lamp”; Socket wiring should be “left zero N right fire L, ground PE in the upper” or “get fire under zero”;

To prevent children from getting an electric shock, touching with a finger, or inserting a metal object into the power hole, be sure to use a safety socket with a safety cover. In addition, the need for frequent switching power supply appliances, consider using a switch socket;

8, the living room lighting should be installed in front of the entrance door and the bedroom door double control switch (so that at night to go to bed, go directly to the bedroom off the lights and then go to bed, do not touch the black door to find the bedroom). Similarly, bedroom lights should be installed in the bedroom door and bedside dual control switch. In addition, it is recommended that bedside lamps should be installed with wall lamps instead of table lamps (space-saving);

New house hydropower reform design

1. The completion of an accurate design plan for hydropower reform is one of the basic conditions that must be met for the renovation. There is no detailed plan for rushing to implement hydropower reform. It is often blind to start construction. While on the side of the hydropower construction, it is tempting to think about where to go and what to do. The result is that when the renovation is completed, it is found that things are done well. No use, there are many things that you want to do without.

2. Another important responsibility that the designers of hydropower undertake is based on the well-planned hydropower design. The on-site project budget will be made on time, whether you live in a small family home or a dear villa. The reason is essentially the same. If the hydropower design and positioning plan is determined, the method of how to route the line is naturally established. Since the method of determining the line has been determined naturally, the degree of accuracy can reach eighty-nine degrees can be achieved, and There are rules to follow. It is difficult to over-spend this budget value and its future and settlement error values ​​written in the relevant contracts signed. In general, there are too many water and electricity overspending, nothing more than two: either there is no reform program in advance or there is no plan to do a budget.

3. The quality of personnel who undertake hydropower reform and design will directly affect the comfort of the home environment in the future. Hydropower designers must pass pre-job skills, safe operation training, and long-term employment internships before they can take posts. In addition to hydropower designers must have professional knowledge, but also need to have a wealth of life experience and understand as much as possible the basic knowledge of the decoration, do not have these basic conditions is not good hydropower design.

New House Hydropower Design Considerations

1. Shielded cables should be used for weak currents. Re-slotting and wiring are required for the secondary decoration circuit layout. Most of the weak and powerful electricity can only be piped from the ground, and it is very common for strong and weak electricity pipes to cross and close to each other. Use of unshielded cables for weak currents may cause signal interference.

2. Principles of circuit layout design Grasp the principle of “the shortest distance between two ends”, do not intentionally wind, and maintain a relatively “live line”

3. In principle, if the strong electric power pipe provided by the developer is a PVC pipe, a PVC pipe should be used for the secondary hydropower reformation, and the JDG pipe (sleeve type fixed galvanized steel pipe) should not be used, otherwise it is difficult to realize the overall grounding connection. Left behind. If the original developer provided the strong electric power pipe itself is a JDG pipe, both pipes can be used.

4. The hydropower design needs to determine whether the required water circuit reform design scheme matches the actual hydropower system (especially the second-hand house, which will be explained below). For example, if a new residential building uses a ready-to-use electric water heater, central air conditioning, and other For appliances with particularly high power, it is necessary to consider a new route from the distribution box for use.

5, kitchen water and electricity design requires cabinet design drawings coupled with safety assessment into a case

6, hydropower design must master the kitchen bathroom and other functions between the furniture, electrical equipment size and characteristics in order to make an accurate positioning of the hydropower reform program.

7, the general residential hydropower design equipment function reference configuration, with three rooms, one room, one bathroom, one kitchen, common configuration, for example, large units and so on.

Editor's summary: The above is related information about the new house's hydropower reform notice. It is for reference only and it hopes to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Hydropower renovation

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