ZBF type plastic self-priming magnetic pump in use, if you do not pay attention, it may cause damage to the pump, so the use of ZBF-type plastic self-priming magnetic pump has the following precautions. ZBF-type plastic self-priming magnetic pump Note 1, due to plastic self-priming magnetic pump bearing cooling and lubrication is transported by the media, it is absolutely prohibited non-media operation, and should be avoided in the middle of the work after the restart caused by power failure No media operation. 2, if the transmission medium contains solid particles, pump inlet to be added before the filter, such as containing ferromagnetic particles, the need to add magnetic filter (factory production, are optional). 3, the medium being transported and its temperature should be within the allowable range of the pump. Plastic self-priming magnetic pump temperature 4, for the transport solution is easy to precipitate crystallization of the media, after use should be promptly cleaned, drain the pump effusion. 5, plastic self-priming magnetic pump after a long run and found abnormal pump (noise, aggravate the vibration), should be demolished bearing and the end ring wear, if the bearing and the shaft clearance, the impeller axial movement Larger, should replace the bearing and axial moving ring. Further reading: China Construction Water Expo Guangzhou Industrial Expo leader ring Pump manufacturers ranking Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Daohui (QQ / WeChat:) http://beng.liuti.cn/ (Services Hotline:)

PCD Milling Cutter: Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tool is a tool made by welding a PCD composite sheet to a carbide or steel body. Since the PCD composite sheet combines the high hardness, wear resistance, low friction coefficient and strength of the single crystal diamond with the high bending strength of the tungsten carbide cemented carbide, the tungsten carbide hard alloy layer of the composite sheet provides the diamond layer. Mechanical support increases its bending strength, while the hard alloy layer is easy to weld, making it easy to make finished tools. Compared with other tool materials, polycrystalline diamond has the following characteristics: 1 extremely high hardness and wear resistance; 2 high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, fast heat dissipation during cutting, low cutting temperature, small thermal deformation; 3 low friction coefficient Can reduce the surface roughness of the machined surface. When processing aluminum alloy with PCD tool, the hardness of the diamond is high, the surface and metal affinity is small, and the rake face of the tool is polished into a mirror surface, which is not easy to produce built-up edge, and the dimensional stability and surface quality are good. Using PCD tools to process aluminum alloy parts of various specifications, the tool life can reach several thousand to tens of thousands, especially suitable for mass production of automobile and motorcycle parts. PCD tools are also widely used in high-speed machining of other non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials, and are widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics and wood processing.


1.Hardness PCD blanks more than 5000HV.
2. PCD Stone Milling cutters is maily used for High efficiency milling and depth character engraving on underside, grooving areas with good surface Roughness.
3.Top quality as world leading manufactuers, high abrasive resistance and with long service life.

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     We are specialize in manufacturing PCD diamond tools and Carbide tools. Our major product inclulde PCD Inserts , PCD Reamers , PCD End Mills , PCD Taps, Cabide Inserts, Carbide Drills , Carbide Reams, Taps etc., 

     We also offered customized cutting tools per drawings, and provide package according to customer requirements. We manufacture a series range of cutting tools for machining of Cast iron, Aluminium alloy and Non-Ferros metal, it is widely used in all major sectors like Automobiles, Engineering, Aerospace, Aviation and 3C industry. Premium quality of raw material is used in the production and strict examination during processing with advanced equipment, so our client are satisfied with our reliable quality and on-time delivery.

    Our best selling of cutting tools include PCD Inserts, PCD End Mill , PCD Ball Nose Mill, PCD Reamer , Carbide Taps , Carbide End Mill , Special Form Cutter and many more. For these years we have been made a large forward in the technologies of manufacturing cutting tools. With high quality on performance and price, our product sells well both on domestic and overseas market. And we will always focus on the quality and best service, to make long business relationship.

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