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The monitoring system protects our safety at all times, and stable work is very important, so we must always maintain the monitoring system to ensure its normal operation. Here's how to maintain the monitoring system.

Monitoring system maintenance, usually monitoring equipment and transmission lines.

surveillance system

The monitoring center equipment of the video surveillance system, such as the matrix, video server, and video wall, is installed in the monitoring center equipment room. The equipment is concentrated in a room with better environment. The probability of failure of the monitoring center equipment is small; and the camera at the front end is fast. The ball is installed outdoors, and the video optical transceiver is installed in the outdoor distribution box. The equipment has to withstand the harsh environment such as wind and rain, summer heat and winter low temperature, so the probability of failure is relatively high. For the maintenance of the front-end monitoring equipment, it is necessary to be able to test the camera image, the image of the dome, the control of the pan-tilt, the optical power of the video optical transceiver, and the test of the power supply system using a multimeter, in order to comprehensively solve the problem that the front-end equipment may be faulty.

Camera maintenance

When the monitoring center does not receive the image, the engineer first checks whether the camera ball or the ball machine is normal. When testing the camera equipment, the engineering personnel video surveillance comprehensive table does three aspects of testing:

First, use the meter to test whether the camera has an image. The 3.5-inch color display of the meter can clearly display the image captured by the camera. If the instrument does not receive the image or the received image is abnormal, the camera is faulty.

Second, the video signal attenuation measurement, measuring the video re-level of the camera, the normal range is 800-1000mV, the level is too low will cause the image to darken, the level is too high will cause virtual shadow;

Third, use the meter's multimeter to measure whether the transformer's transformer power supply is normal. Generally, the transformer output is DC 12V, and the ball machine's transformer output is AC 24V. The transformer is a high-fault component in the monitoring system.

In addition to the maintenance of the camera, the dust removal of the equipment is cleaned once a quarter for the entire monitoring system, and the dust exposed by the monitoring equipment is cleaned. The camera, the protective cover and other components are removed and thoroughly dusted, and then the lenses are removed with anhydrous alcohol cotton. Wipe clean, adjust the clarity, prevent dust from being sucked into the monitoring equipment body due to factors such as machine operation and static electricity, and ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, check the ventilation, heat dissipation, clean dust, power supply and other facilities in the monitoring room. The outdoor temperature should be between -20 °C and +60 °C, the relative humidity should be between 10% and 100%; the indoor temperature should be controlled at +5 °C to +35 °C, and the relative humidity should be controlled at 10% to 80%, leaving a good monitoring room for the equipment room. Operating environment.

If the monitoring installation and maintenance are not good enough and some economic losses occur or the records in the monitoring system are not found, it will bring constant pressure and threat to the social stability. Therefore, monitoring system maintenance is very important.

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