Winter heating is getting closer and closer. The heating season in the northern region is now ready for heating. Residents face a new round of heating problems. During the heating season, the owner asks the owner to ask whether the bathroom should be floor-heated, whether it is a warm floor or a bathroom. Recite this question. Beijing Heating Radiator came to you today to talk about it.

1. If the bathroom is not particularly small, it is recommended to do it warmly. At this time, we will ask how much area is available. The analysis area for Beijing heating radiators should not be less than 4 square meters. If the area is less than 4 square meters, then remove the reserved toilet area and then basically not enough to lay the area, if the barely construction will not achieve heating effect.

2, then the bathroom area is large enough to have the owner to ask whether the shop floor is good or loaded with a good backpack, and now it is this problem: First, the temperature of water used for recitation and floor heating is not the same, but the water temperature required for recitation is high, if Do not install mixed water directly to use the warm water inside to bring back rake, then the temperature of the reciting water will be very low, can not reach the heat dissipation, natural heating effect is not good, in the bathroom is generally a bath place, the bathroom itself requires a higher temperature In other places, how can we solve this problem? This requires a set of mixed water. The installation method at this time is to connect the pipe to the back rake before mixing the water.

3. Once you have heard about traditional Chinese feng shui, consider that there should be no water in the bathroom floor, otherwise it will be poorly funded. This time of course warm is the first choice. The bathroom floor should be waterproof before laying. Then warm the floor, after the warm floor backfill must be done again waterproof layer.

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