Domestic wooden basic raw materials have been used for two generations: the first generation is wood and materials, and the second generation is wood-based panels represented by plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and wood pulp. In 2003, China's wood-based panel production ranked first in the world. The third generation is wood-plastic materials, which have now shined in the market. Wood-plastic materials combine the excellent properties of both plastic and wood, and they have an absolute advantage in the door panel materials. At present, the domestic wood-plastic market has great potential. Although the annual output of wood-plastic products is only several million tons, since 1998, countries in Europe and the United States have increased at a rate of 65% per year. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the wood-plastic door?

First, the advantages of wood-plastic doors

1. The wood-plastic door formula system is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, into stabilizers, foaming agents, modifiers, etc., and various components are mixed according to strict proportions, effectively ensuring the product quality of the foamed sheets.

2, wood-plastic door is durable, long service life, wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic products, good rigidity, excellent physical properties, better dimensional stability than wood, no cracks, warpage, no wood thrift, twill, etc. . With the secondary processing of wooden doors, it can be sawed, planed, bonded, fixed with nails or screws.

3, wood-plastic door flame retardant performance good wood-plastic suit door does not support combustion when exposed to fire, automatically extinguished after the live. After testing, Guoqiang Wood Plastics has a door oxygen index of 48 and its fire performance rating is B1. This performance of Longqiao Wood Wood Plastic Door will greatly improve the fire safety of homes.

4, surface treatment technology is diverse, thermal transfer, peritoneal or baking varnish, according to the customer's own needs can produce a beautiful and diverse appearance, and high stability, long life.

5. The structure of the wood-plastic door with reasonable structure and high strength is designed to ensure the ideal internal structure of the wood-plastic foaming material. The excellent formula design and reasonable production process ensure the strength of the product. The wood-plastic door quick-loading structure, the installation time-saving and labor-saving wood-plastic door adopts the German imported quick-install structure, the door cover is installed very conveniently, the door sleeve line and the door cover are connected by the bayonet, no need for gun nails or glue fixing, the installation saves time and time. Labor saving.

Second, the shortcomings of wood-plastic doors

1, wood-plastic door, the main material is wood-plastic materials, so wood-plastic materials have the shortcomings, wood-plastic doors are also available.

2. Wood-plastic doors are emerging environmentally friendly products, so there is no standardized quality standard system in the market.

3, does not have the texture of natural wood, so the wood-plastic door with surface treatment using thermal transfer technology or suction film technology has no natural feeling.

4. Compared with wood, it is not resistant to high temperatures and softens when exposed to high temperatures.

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