How to arrange a rental house in order to achieve a comfortable environment, if it is a simple rental of a lot of furniture, you need to buy your own home, including the wardrobe. Today we want to see the design of a cloakroom inside a rental house. They are all very simple layouts and the cost is not too high. Let's take a look.

It is also a wrought iron coat and hat rack design, which is more atmospheric and plentiful from the division of the pattern. The design of shoe racks on the side of a particular wall must be the favorite of women with high-heeled shoes. Combining these products together can constitute a cloakroom function.

Select a clean, empty wall and place a wall of a plurality of functional compartments against each other. The compartment design is perfect. It is a shoe rack that houses shoes, and can be hung above the middle of the jacket. The lower section is a storage box that can be folded. , while the right side is particularly useful for hanging longer clothing. On the whole, a fully functional hanger can also be regarded as a perfect simple cloakroom.

In the recessed area of ​​the bedroom, use iron frame to order the simplest cloakroom, without gorgeous design and expensive wood, still retains very excellent functionality, and the configuration of various storage baskets and storage boxes can overcome various types. Miscellaneous things make the cloakroom more tidy.

Cloakroom cloakroom design

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