Mint green is a very bright, bright color, and the kitchen that is made of it as the main color of the kitchen is full of small fresh "flavors". Ms. Zhang, a 32-year-old art teacher, loves cooking. With her professional sensitivity to color, she chose to use mint green to create the kitchen after getting family approval. This article will elaborate on every detail of the kitchen. You can also take a look at this kind of decoration worthy of you to imitate.

All the walls of the kitchen were not mint green but light yellow. Ms. Zhang chose the lightest color in the floor, cabinets and dining table, lighting. She chose white, light yellow and white colors were very quiet, a few bright mint greens could The overall sense of the kitchen is enriched and the overall color of the kitchen is bright and full of vitality.

The color of the wall is light yellow. Ms. Zhang cleverly puts an iron stand on the wall and inserts the small bottled green plants here. The green and light yellow are each other. The visual effect is very icing on the cake. Creative potted flowers and containers full of fruit, with a little humor, people seem to smell the fruit is floating in the kitchen, the smell of green flowers also lingers around the tip of the nose.

Did you see the bar stool next to the bar? The tan bar stool did not affect the color of the kitchen because it was covered with a mint green cushion. Imagine sitting on the bench and watching the family busy with the food for the whole family in front of the stove and talking to him or her. Isn't the whole body comfortable? Mint green can stimulate people's appetite, even if it will not have long-term visual fatigue.

The lighting at the top of the preparation area was very special, like white paper balls and crafts made of what made of materials, but it took a long time for the dust on top to be difficult to clean. Light is the soul of a space, and sometimes the atmosphere of the entire room is determined by light. This white light, and light yellow walls, green window background, take it!

In the open cabinet, Ms. Zhang’s glasses are mint green and light yellow, which echoes the color of the kitchen. Of course, there are many other mint green and pale yellow items besides the glass. You see the unique shape design of these cutlery, bright colors, in addition to their actual function, or a beautiful scenery on your table, kitchen.

If you are careful enough, you will find that the pattern of the draperies is the same as the cushion pattern on the bar stool in front of them. They are all printed with a lemon pattern. The draperies are used to cover the gaps in the distorted space to contain debris. The beauty of the kitchen.

At first glance, this refrigerator Xiaobian laughed, because the lemon on the lower surface of the refrigerator is not the original pattern of the refrigerator, but Ms. Zhang bought a confetti-cut lemon pattern in order to match the drapes and cushions. Looking around the week, Xiao Bian discovered that refrigerators and appliances, which were originally used as accessory products for household appliances, were also dressed in new clothes, accompanied by a simple and elegant sticker affixed to the overall home style, allowing each corner to be fresh.

Seeing here, Xiao Bian finds that the pattern of lemons is used in many ways. In addition to bar stools, curtains, and patterns on refrigerators, white tables are also covered with white tablecloths with lemon motifs, and unpretentious furniture. Under the penetration of light, glow light and vitality.

Needless to say, the carpet under the table is also light yellow, but this time it is not the lemon that is the wave point. The carpet is linen.

According to the space requirements of the kitchen and the window type, choosing the curtain curtain with the most range of children, in addition to protecting privacy and blocking light, the beautiful print pattern can play a role in decorating the living room.

Green baskets make the kitchen more neat. The combination of green and storage is a fantastic lineup. The vibrant green makes these storage elements the best annotations for a good life. At home, it will make people feel good.

Tips: To learn more about the small fresh style kitchen decoration case, please pay attention to this site information.

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