Embossed glass small embossed glass, also known as pattern glass or knurled glass, is a flat glass manufactured by calendering method. The manufacturing process is divided into single roll method and double roll method. The single roll method is to cast the glass liquid onto the calendering forming table. The table top can be made of cast iron or cast steel, the table top or the roll is engraved with a pattern, the roll is rolled on the glass surface, and the embossed glass is sent to the annealing kiln. The two-roll method produces embossed glass and is divided into two processes: semi-continuous calendering and continuous calendering. The glass liquid passes through a pair of water-cooled rolls and is drawn forward to the annealing kiln with the rotation of the rolls. Generally, the surface of the lower roll has a concave-convex pattern. The roll is a polishing roll to form a single-sided patterned embossed glass.

The physical and chemical properties of embossed glass are basically the same as those of ordinary transparent flat glass. It is optically opaque and opaque, which makes the light soft, and has a shielded effect and a certain decorative effect.

Embossed glass is suitable for indoor compartments of buildings, bathroom doors and windows and various occasions where it is necessary to block the line of sight.
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Reflective stretch fabric is mainly made with spandex. The product is classified with single side reflective stretch fabric and double side reflective stretch. Daoming stretch fabric use different  resin , put the hi- reflective index`s glass bread on the base fabric ,and all the glass bread is well distributed. Behind all the glass bread,there is  reflective layer coating.  When the light was on the surface,the glass bread will make light source to reflect light beam. The light passes through the incident - refraction - reflection process, showing bright light, forming a retroreflective function. As a functional clothing accessories ,it helps  striking, warning  and  safety. It has been widely used in fashion, shoes, hat, suitcase, sports, casual, decoration, security, advertisement and etc different industry.

Elastic Reflective Fabric

Elastic Reflective Fabric,Double Side Reflective Strech Fabric,Single Side Reflective Strech Fabric

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