1, the magnetic separator motor overheating and abnormal sound, there may be several reasons

(1) Bearings have poor lubrication or wear;

(2) Fan blades fall off or worn out;

(3) Poor contact of the switch circuit, or single-phase disconnection;

(4) The voltage is too low.

2. Reasons for the overheat of the reducer (1) Insufficient oil or bad oil quality;

(2) Worn gears and worms, or poor meshing;

(3) The bearing has poor lubrication or serious wear.

3. The sound of the magnetic separator is abnormal during operation. The cylinder is jammed by obstacles, and even the cylinder cannot rotate. The bottom box vibrates. Dingda Machinery found its reason

(1) The object was stuck in the bottom case,

(2) The magnetic block falls off, causing the cylinder to buzz, and in severe cases it will scratch the skin.

In the event of problems such as abnormal sound during the operation of the magnetic separator, Dingda shall promptly stop and inspect and troubleshoot.

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