Jasmine is the first song that bears memories of childhood and is also a beautiful flower. Today Xiao Bian is going to tell everyone about the efficacy and function of the jasmine flower, and what is the jasmine flower language.

The effect and effect of jasmine:

Jasmine function and effect: jasmine cold, taste fragrant, eliminate flatulence, sweet, sweet, warm, rational gas pain, warm and stomach, swelling and detoxification, strengthen the immune system, and dysentery, abdominal pain, conjunctiva Inflammation and sores have good anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. Liver and eyesight, thirst, phlegm, phlegm control, convenient water, qi wind relief table, treatment carbuncle, soft teeth, Qi power, lower blood pressure, strong heart, prevent radiation damage, anti-cancer, anti-aging The effect is to make people prolong and improve their health and physical and mental health; they have the effect of calming and calming the skin and moisturizing the skin. It has pleasant aromas, it also helps constipation, smoothes the bowel movements, improves drowsiness and anxiety, and also has chronic stomach disorders and menstrual disorders. effect. Gastrointestinal discomfort, uterine health care, dizziness and tranquillity, can stabilize mood and relieve depression. Antibacterial, anti-asthmatic, anti-cancer, Shujinhuoxue, drive the wind and cold, spleen and stomach, strong heart and liver, lower blood pressure, kidney essence, people with chronic bronchitis should drink more. Jasmine and pink roses are accompanied by brewed drinks that have a slimming effect and are particularly helpful in removing toxins from the body. Topical moisturizing fragrance, hair and beauty. Jasmine is often used as the basis for perfumes, and people in Europe and America often use jasmine oil and almond oil to massage the body.


Jasmine Note: body heat poisoning is prohibited, pregnant women are disabled.

Suitable for:

Jasmine is suitable for matching roses, scented flowers, mint, fennel chamomile, calendula, osmanthus, rosemary and more.

Bubble method:

Jasmine foaming and drinking: Use two tablespoons of dried jasmine, three teaspoons of green tea, or a black tea bag. Boil with boiling water. When you drink, first smell the scent it emits and drink tea.

Tea Words:

The jasmine symbolizes grace, affability, lovableness, happiness, and cordiality.

Jasmine is very popular in India as much as roses. In ancient China, its elegant and sweet floral fragrance was even more regarded as a symbol of woman's sensuality. The small white flowers that bloom in June are rich in floral aromas, and the brewing tea is also very popular. Its rich scent is somewhat similar to that of a rose, which makes people feel comfortable when they smell it, drink it when they are depressed and lose their confidence, and have the effect of boosting their spirit. Here, it also helps women's physiology and reproduction. In the past, some people mixed jasmine tea with other teas, especially with safflower or oolong tea.

The scent of jasmine can stabilize mood, in addition to bad breath, regulate endocrine, moisturize the skin color, and it is quite effective for menstrual disorders. Aroma can enhance the body's ability to cope with complex environments, eliminate mental fatigue, nervousness and so on.

Jasmine tea has the reputation of “the smell of spring in Chinese tea flowers”.

It is a type of tea produced by sculpting tea with special craftsmanship or refined tea green tea and jasmine flowers. In the tea classification, jasmine tea still belongs to green tea. Jasmine tea is processed on the basis of green tea. In particular, high-grade jasmine produces certain physicochemical effects in the process of processing. For example, polyphenols in tea, tea tannins are decomposed under water and moisture conditions. The water-insoluble protein is degraded into amino acids, which can weaken the astringent feeling when drinking green tea and its function is changed. The taste is fresh and full-bodied, and it is more easy to catch. This is one of the reasons why northerners like to drink jasmine tea. All kinds of tea have similar health care essences and each has its own characteristics. In addition to certain properties of green tea, jasmine tea also has many health benefits that green tea does not have. The jasmine tea has “Go for cold evil, associate Yu” is the top grade of spring tea drinking.

Jasmine can be used to make tea, jasmine tea has the effect of refreshing fragrance, there are jasmine under the dishes (such as stewed tofu, jasmine porridge, etc.), are fresh summer consumption. For those who are uncomfortable drinking coffee, refreshing with jasmine is an excellent use.

Jasmine drink

Material: 10 grams of dried jasmine (30 grams of fresh product), rock sugar or honey amount.


1. Place jasmine and crystal sugar in a cup, brewed with hot boiled water for four minutes, and drink after filtration.

2. If honey replaces rock sugar, add a small amount of boiling water after filtration and mix it for drinking.

Efficacy: can cure diarrhea, abdominal pain, chronic gastritis, sore, Liver eyesight, sterilization, dizziness, calm emotions, relieve nerves, remove bad breath and body odor.

Draw attention: It is advisable to drink hot drinks between tea and drinks.

Information on the role of jasmine tea has been introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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